Psychometric Assessment

Businesses use Psychometric Assessments to analyze potential hires’ personalities. These assessments bring a scientific approach to the evaluation process, which complements other recruitment methods.

How do Psychometric Assessments work?

These assessments reveal hidden talents and unexpected strengths (and potential weaknesses) in a candidate. They also indicate areas for improvement.

In other words, psychometric tests measure individuals’ mental capabilities along with their behavioural qualities. They are designed to measure a candidate’s suitability for a job or role they are set to undertake.

Every industry and every role has specific requirements. Candidates can often appear to be qualified for a position based on their personal experience. Still, with a Psychometric Assessment, a business can see if this candidate has growth, managerial, or other quality potentials or not.

The details revealed in Psychometric Assessments are usually those that are hard to spot during a face-to-face interview.

Tawzef is an official distributor for leading global assessment creator Central Test™, an international French company specialising in pre-hiring assessments.

Benefits of Psychometric Assessments

  • Increasing employee retention
  • Reducing costs related to turnover
  • Higher productivity for new hires
  • Identifying high-potential candidates
  • Identifying employees’ development and training needs
  • Right-sizing and identifying employees’ movements, whether vertically or horizontally.
  • An identifier for critical points to help personal coaches with what to focus on during their development process


We provide psychometric analysis tools powered by our international partner Central Test™ that provides corporate
recruitment decision-makers with the necessary insight to hire a specific candidate or not, regardless of his technical expertise. Additionally, these tools offer interested candidates help discover their best career opportunities and what fields they can excel in. Central Test™ provides various assessments that assist in recruitment, coaching, personal development, identifying high potential individuals, team building, skills assessment, training needs, reduction of turnover, and more depending on the seniority level and industry.

To find more please go through the following assessments descriptions:

Assessments Name

Professional Profile 2 -

Reveal a candidate’s work behaviour and motivations


Assess work personality and management skills


Predict counterproductive work behaviour

Sales Profile-R -

Detect abilities and motivations in the field of sales

Work Profile -

Reveal a candidate’s behaviour and job compatibility

Vocation -

Explore an individual’s career aspirations

Big Five Profile -

Measure a person’s dominant personality traits

Reasoning Test-R -

Evaluate reasoning abilities

Reasoning – Spatial -

Measuring spatial reasoning abilities

Emotion 2 -

Evaluate emotional intelligence in the workplace

Entrepreneur Test -

Reveal entrepreneurial potential

Business English Test -

Assess proficiency in Business English

French Language Test -

Assess proficiency in French Language

German Language Test -

Assess proficiency in German language


Over 200 tests to evaluate IT skills.

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Psychometric Assessment

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