Explore an individual’s career aspirations

Analysis of 12 domains outlined by the RIASEC model:

  1. Realistic: Physical and Outdoor Activities, Manual and Technical Interests
  2. Investigative: Intellectual Curiosity and Learning, Science and Technology
  3. Artistic: Aesthetic Sense and Expression, Creativity and Design
  4. Social: Dedication to Others, Personal Relationships
  5. Enterprising: Enterprising, Leadership
  6. Conventional: Methodical, Data and Numbers


VOCATION is a career assessment based on the RIASEC model. It measures 12 interest domains and then matches the individual profile with 138 occupations, enabling the individual to pinpoint the most suitable profession that aligns with their personality.


All profiles


English, French, German, Dutch, Greek, and Arabic

Number of questions

60 questions based on real-life scenarios


15 minutes


  • Career guidance
  • Individual’s development plans
  • Recruitment

Key Features

  • Provides a 3-factor combined RIASEC profile
  • Monitors social desirability
  • Matches the candidate’s profile with 138 occupations


Sample Question

Your company has received a prize for technical innovation. What was your role?

  • Engineer, you participated in the development phase
  • Project manager, you led the experimental research team

Report Presentation

  • Graph showing results on 12 dimensions
  • Personalised comments
  • General and 3-factor combined profiles
  • Comparison of the candidate’s profile with 138 occupations

Sample Question

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