HR Consultancy

At Tawzef, we provide HR Consultancy services to our clients, particularly small and medium enterprises and companies (SMEs) and start-ups.

Tawzef’s consultation team creates the HR structure by building the corporate strategy, organizational chart, job descriptions, as well as the performance management system, salary structure and scale, training and development plan.


Here’s a quick breakdown of the services offered by Tawzef as part of our HR Consultancy Service.

  • GAP Analysis:

A GAP Analysis methodology helps companies assess their current business performance and functions based on standards or expectations. An HR GAP Analysis is often carried out by external firms or consultants, like Tawzef, which provides insights and suggestions on ways to improve the business, resource needs, identify pain points, and suggest a course of corrective actions and ways of supporting the business.


  • Building Business Strategic

As part of its HR Consultation Services, Tawzef provides a Strategy formulation process supporting top managers and senior staff building their company’s strategy. This is done after gathering strategic performance information and directions.


  • Human Resources Management System

Having a human resources management system isn’t effective if company’s objectives are not well-defined.

With Tawzef and its five-phase Human Resources Management System solution, your company will be able to:

  1. Develop and establish an effective organizational chart.
  2. Prepare job descriptions and/or specifications for the company’s key personnel
  3. Build an effective performance management system
  4. Develop an effective and reasonable grading system and salary structure
  5. Develop an HR policies and procedures manual

Based on your needs, you can get one or whole of the above services.


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