Our Services

We aspire to offer the best quality of our services for local, international and multinational organizations, in the fields of recruitment, outsourcing, HR consultancy, training and assessment worldwide by creating the best practice for each of our clients using cutting edge technologies available to our industry while consistently developing our employees’ knowledge and transforming them into our business partners.

This isn’t an easy time to run a business. But we’re here to help.



Tawzef’s recruiting team will bring you the most efficient, well-trained calibers to your company.


Outsourcing (Payroll, HR, BPO)

We dedicate an entire team to manage employees’ payroll, social, and medical insurance plans for our clients.

hr consultancy

HR Consultancy

Corporate/HR Strategy, Employee Pay/Benefits, Talent Management, Training & Development and Performance Management.

psychometric assessments

Psychometric Assessment

We provide psychometric analysis tools powered by our international partner Central Test™

Salary Survey

We provide salary surveys powered by our international partner Birches Group