Entrepreneur Test

Reveal entrepreneurial potential

Analysis of 14 dimensions categorized into 2 groups:

  1. Personality and motivational factors:
    Stress Tolerance, Perseverance and Tenacity, Persuasiveness, Optimism & Self Confidence, Creativity/
    Initiative, Need for Autonomy, Ambition/Risk
  2. Abilities and experience:
    Business, Management, Computing, International Openness, Direction, Occupational Expertise, Marketing


Comparison with 5 Entrepreneurial profiles:

  • The Startup Entrepreneur
  • The Inventive Entrepreneur
  • The Manager Entrepreneur
  • The Trader Entrepreneur
  • The Craftsman Entrepreneur (or Self-employed)


The Entrepreneur Test identifies the necessary skills and entrepreneurial characteristics needed to start a new venture. The assessment analyses 14 key dimensions of personality, motivations, skills, and experiences required to be successful as an entrepreneur. It also matches with five standard entrepreneurial profiles.


Entrepreneurs and project leaders


English, French, and Arabic

Number of questions

85 questions


10-12 minutes


  • Skill assessment
  • Career management

Key Features

  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses
  • Combines personality factors and experience factors
  • Renders the entrepreneur profile of the candidate


Sample Question

In a group, I am:

  • a leader
  • rather discreet

Report Presentation

  • Candidate’s overall score
  • Personalised comments
  • An analysis of strengths, potential weaknesses and
  • areas to develop
  • A comparison of 5 entrepreneurial profiles

Sample Question

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