Sales Profile-R

Detect abilities and motivations in the field of sales


Sales Profile-R identifies the potential, competencies, and motivations needed to succeed in sales. As well as being an indispensable tool for recruitment, Sales Profile-R can also be used for training, internal mobility, and sales force audits.


Sales force/business development staff and MBA students


English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and Dutch

Number of questions

80 questions in a sales context


20 minutes


  • Recruitment
  • Career management and training
  • Sales force auditing

Key Features

  • Sales potential score
  • Social desirability indicator
  • Matches the candidate’s profile with 25 sales roles


Measures 12 behavioural traits grouped under 4 key skills-based dimensions:

  1. Client acquisition: Prospecting, approaching clients, combativeness
  2. Business development: Networking, strategic selling, customer satisfaction
  3. Negotiation: Understanding needs, pitching, closing deals
  4. Selling: Sales acumen, charisma, self-control


Results are matched with 25 sales roles representative of the needs in the area.

Sample Question

The most effective way to convince my client to buy my software is:

  • To show him/her how it will increase his/ her productivity
  • To give him/her a free trial offer
  • To give him/her a discount

Report Presentation

  • Sales potential indicator
  • General profile
  • Graph
  • Customised comments
  • Summary of the profile
  • Matching of candidate’s profile with different sales
  • positions and functions
  • Matching of profile with company positions

Sample Question

This isn’t an easy time to run a business. But we’re here to help.


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