Reasoning Test-R

Evaluate reasoning abilities

The candidate receives an overall calibrated rating and detailed results by factor:

  1. Logical Intelligence: The ability to discover an existing relationship between a set of complexities
  2. Numerical Intelligence: The ability to comprehend and interpret numerical data with precision
  3. Verbal Intelligence: The ability to understand the subtleties of a language in reports, speeches, and


The Reasoning Test-R allows you to assess a candidate’s logical, numerical and verbal reasoning abilities for their intelligence quotient (IQ). It helps to improve the reliability of your hiring decision by comparing candidates on the basis of an objective criteria. The Reasoning Test-R is available as a full version labelled Reasoning Test (Corporate) and a shorter version as Reasoning Test 20’


Job-seekers, employees, and students


English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, and Turkish

Number of questions

42 questions


Reasoning Test (Corporate): 42 ques timed at 35 min Reasoning Test 20’: 21 ques timed at 20 min


  • Recruitment
  • Employee evaluations and internal mobility
  • Entrance exams for colleges and business schools

Key Features

  • Evaluates a candidate’s general intelligence
  • Uses original and varied questions
  • Provides detailed solutions to the questions


Sample Question

Your father walks faster than you. Your neighbour walks slower than your father. Who walks faster, you or your neighbour?

  • can be deactivated if required) Your neighbour
  • You
  • Both of you walk at the same pace
  • It is impossible to say
  • My neighbour

Report Presentation

  • Scores for IQ, logical intelligence, numerical intelligence, and verbal intelligence
  • General description of the evaluated factors
  • Detailed results and test solutions (this feature can be deactivated if required)

Sample Question

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