Predict counterproductive work behaviour

Analysis of 6 dimensions of work ethics, each of which relates to a counterproductive work behaviour:

  1. Respect for Facts and Honesty
  2. Respect for Rules and Procedures
  3. Respect for Goods and Property
  4. Respect for Commitment
  5. Respect for Equality
  6. Respect for Other People


Each dimension is divided into 2 facets:

  1. Attitudes towards self
  2. Attitudes towards others


ETIX evaluates the likelihood of individuals engaging in counterproductive work behaviour. It covers six behaviours relevant to today’s work environment, including discrimination, harassment, and lying. By distinguishing between a person’s attitudes towards themselves and other people, ETIX reveals not only if a person might participate in counterproductive work behaviour, but also if they might enable it in others.


Employees of all levels and students


English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, and Nepali

Number of questions

74 questions


10-12 minutes


  • Recruitment
  • Training and development

Key Features

  • Monitors social desirability
  • Measures attitudes towards counterproductive work behaviour in both self and others
  • Adheres to the ISO 26000 norm


Sample Question

When the manager is not here, I focus on the tasks that interest me more and neglect the ones I dislike.

Report Presentation

  • Global work ethics indicator
  • Social desirability score
  • Mirror graph
  • Personalised comments for each factor

Sample Question

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