German Language Test

Assess proficiency in German language


German Language Test allows you to objectively assess a person’s ability to understand and communicate in German, especially in a business situation. It evaluates three aspects of your candidate’s German: reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.


Non-native German speakers (intermediate to advanced level)


English, French, German, and Spanish

Number of questions

55 Questions


30 Minutes (Timed)


  • Recruitment
  • Entrance exams
  • Training

Key Features

  • Assesses key factors: reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar
  • Gives an overall score out of 10
  • Provides answers to the questions


The candidate receives an overall score out of 10 as well as a score for each of the three dimensions:

  1. Written comprehension: Assesses an individual’s ability to assimilate and understand information from
    written texts
  2. Vocabulary: Measures the understanding of words essential to communicating in German in a
    professional environment
  3. Grammar: A good level of grammar helps in reading, writing, and communicating in German

Sample Question

Welche Präposition passt in die Lücke? «Ich bereite mich _____ die Prüfung vor.»

  • für
  • auf
  • vor
  • über

Report Presentation

  • Overall score out of 10
  • Graph
  • Score per dimension
  • Comments section (this part can be deactivated)

Sample Question

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