Recruitment Companies in Egypt: How to Find What You Need

Recruitment Companies in Egypt

In Egypt, there are over 28 million working people. And the hiring arena is constantly in motion as thousands join the workforce each year and thousands of more change jobs. This turnover highlights the need for recruitment companies in Egypt.

It’s true many companies do take on the recruitment process themselves, and it’s frequently a tiring one. But having a recruitment agency at hand offers many benefits.

In this article, we will discuss these benefits and provide you with tips on how to evaluate recruitment companies in Egypt and how to hire the best one for your business.


Employment Stats

The most populous Arab nation boasts a working force of over 28 million people, according to the latest data by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS).

As of September 2020, Egypt’s workforce grew by 5.6% to 28.171 million, whereas the unemployment rate fell to 7.3%.

The number of jobless people stood at 2.061 million, according to the data.

Despite these numbers, ask any company about the hiring process, and they will tell you that they are struggling to find suitable candidates.

In some companies, the hiring process can take up to several months.

However, hiring a recruitment agency can resolve many of the issues that arise and save a ton of time.

Let’s see how recruitment companies in Egypt operate and what kind of services they can provide, and how these services can help your business.


Understanding how recruitment companies in Egypt work

The first thing to know about recruitment companies in Egypt, and these types of agencies in general, is the difference between a recruitment company or agency and an employment agency.

They are not the same thing.

A recruitment agency is a company that serves other companies and helps them find suitable candidates to fill open positions, whereas employment agencies provide the opposite service. They serve job seekers by finding roles for them.

As a company looking to fill positions for one or more of your departments, you’d need a recruitment agency to help you with that.

An example of a recruitment agency would be Tawzef for Recruitment and HR Consultancy.

Here’s what the hiring process looks like for a recruitment agency:

The recruitment agency gets the needed basic information from the company and provides qualified CVs, screens the candidates, and supports the employer during the hiring process.

But is that all what a recruitment agency does?

Absolutely not. There are many services that recruitment agencies in Egypt provide. However, these services may differ from one agency to another.


Here’s an example of some of the services Tawzef provides to companies in Egypt and the MENA region:

It’s pretty standard for some businesses only to require one or two of these services, while other companies would need more or all of them.


Assess your needs first.

When looking up recruitment companies in Egypt, you’ll need to do two things first:

  • Evaluate your needs: What are you looking for? What services do you need?
  • Ensure that all the services you need are in one place: One recruitment agency has everything you need.

Let’s look at this list of the general services companies often need. By companies, we mean small and medium businesses, startups, and all the way to large corporates.

Remember: A recruitment agency acts as your company’s personal HR service provider. Their job is to make you feel as if you’re doing everything in-house while reducing the workload for your company.


How a recruitment agency helps your business?

Recruitment companies offer a wide range of services. Their job, however, is to fill in the HR needs for your business, whether remotely or from your company’s headquarters.

Recruitment agencies primarily help businesses with the recruitment process by:

  • Supporting hiring managers with available vacancies, candidates quitting, and the opening of new vacancies.
  • Identifying calibers and hard-to-find talent.
  • Screening resumes and conducting interviews with candidates.

But there are other services that companies can find at a recruitment agency that would save them time and money.

Here’s a list of these options that a recruitment agency can help you with:

  • Providing a human resources management system to help track employees’ working hours to avoid extra costs for the company.
  • Offering confidentiality when it comes to company-sensitive searches like a new CEO or CFO.
  • Support in-house recruitment or replacing it altogether.
  • Conducting payroll requirements and transferring salaries to employees.
  • Reaching out to banks and opening accounts for employees.
  • Providing outsourcing solutions.
  • Providing manpower planning solutions.


Small business struggles

Many startups and small businesses struggle to juggle the multitude of tasks that falls upon them once they decide to launch their business.

These include doing payroll, managing finances, providing social insurance, and so on.

A recruitment agency is their ideal solution so that they don’t have to strain their finances to hire an accountant and an HR specialist, and several other positions to support the business.

The recruitment agency, in this case, takes the data at the end of the month, makes all the necessary arrangements, and wires employees’ salaries, delivers the deducted fees to the relevant social insurance body, and so on.


Next steps

There are many recruitment agencies in Egypt, and we know that.

But as a recruitment agency ourselves, we provide companies across Egypt and the Gulf region with affordable and exceptional services.

We believe in the Egyptian market and its workforce. And for that, we want to help both job seekers and companies find those stellar job seekers and pluck them out from the crowd.

We also believe in this quote by Chad MacRae, the founder of Recruiting Social:

“Your recruitment agency should be an extension of your internal HR or recruiting team. They should make the effort to learn about your team, your culture, and what traits help someone excel at your company. Finding qualified resumes is easy – but you don’t hire resumes. You hire people.”

So if you’re a company operating in Egypt or several Arab countries, you’ll need to hire a recruitment agency with the same geographical reach and experience in other countries such as the Gulf.

Tawzef for Recruitment has precisely that, experience within the local Egyptian market and in the Gulf region.

Get in touch with Tawzef’s team today for all your recruitment and HR needs.

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