6 Ways Recruitment Agencies in Egypt Can Help Your Business

Recruitment Agencies in Egypt

Companies in every country, including Egypt, have hiring needs almost every day or at least every month. This often results in overloads for hiring managers and prompts many to consider recruitment agencies in Egypt.

Every year the workforce grows as university students graduate and enter the market. At the same time, many companies and startups are growing, adding new departments, or expanding their teams to meet their business needs.

These growing needs are often pitted against a wall of troubles when companies seek good candidates, resulting in countless hours of work just to find one or two new hires.

A great way to reduce a company’s workload while also filling positions fast and finding additional services is by considering working with recruitment agencies in Egypt.


What is a recruitment agency?

“A recruitment agency is a company that is paid to find employees for other companies who need them,” explains TalentLyft.

This means that a recruitment agency acts as a “middleman” between companies hiring employees and job seekers.

A common struggle for companies in Egypt and everywhere is finding candidates to fill available roles.

For this reason, many startups and companies seek help from recruitment agencies as the latter have a large pool of qualified and already-vetted candidates at their disposal.


In-house vs Recruitment Agency

When it comes to hiring, companies are often faced with one of two options: to hire an in-house recruiter or work with a recruitment agency.

The hiring process is no easy feat.

Having an in-house recruiter means some of the workloads may be alleviated for hiring managers. The in-house recruiter takes on the job posting and screening of initial CVs before sending the relevant ones to the hiring manager.

However, having an in-house recruiter may be costly for smaller companies and startups, especially if they are starting small and only need two or three team members. The in-house recruiter, in this case, becomes redundant shortly afterwards.

On the other hand, if this startup or small-sized business hires a recruitment company, they don’t have to struggle with hiring an in-house recruiter or keeping them around when they no longer need their services.

In addition, having an in-house recruiter may not fulfil all the requirements as a business needs. However, having a recruitment agency on hand provides better options and a bigger pool of potential candidates.

“Recruitment agencies can help you find and shortlist high-quality candidates,” explains Talentlyft.


Types of recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies in Egypt come with more benefits compared to recruitment agencies anywhere else in the world.

We often look at people in Egypt as doing many things, and when it comes to recruitment and HR processes, that’s a good thing.

If you’re hiring in the United States, you’ll discover three types of recruitment agencies, each of which does something different.

These three types are:

  • General recruitment agencies or Contingency recruitment agencies:

    Which tend to specialize in a specific industry.

  • Staffing recruitment agency:

    Which specializes in temporary jobs and filling positions for maternal and sick leaves.

  • Executive recruitment agencies or executive search firm or retained search firm:

    Which specializes in recruiting executives.


Luckily, if you’re hiring in Egypt, the GCC, or the MENA regions, you won’t have to struggle through all of these types of agencies.

One of the overlooked benefits of working with recruitment agencies in Egypt is the multiple tracks and industries they operate in.

In Egypt, one recruitment agency does the work of three in the US.

But you never expected this to be a benefit!


Recruitment agencies in Egypt have more to offer

So, what are the benefits of hiring a recruitment agency for your business? And why do recruitment agencies in Egypt offer more?

Let’s start with the second question.

Egypt is the most densely-populated Arab nation, which makes it a large market for any business.

You’ll find that while many companies begin operating in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, for example, one of their expansion plans is to expand in Egypt.

That said, recruitment agencies understand this, and as a large market with more extensive needs, recruitment companies seek to provide as many services as possible to businesses in Egypt.

Take Tawzef for Recruitment and HR Consultancy, for example. Recruitment is one of our primary services. But we also provide a host of inter-related services such as payroll, psychometric or pre-hiring assessments, and outsourcing options.

Why? Because we want to fulfil all a business needs in one place.

There should be no need to look for multiple agencies or people to find what you need. It’s having all your HR needs in one place.


Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

So what are the benefits of hiring a recruitment company?

Let’s look at this list of six benefits and discuss each in detail:

  1. Saves time with speedy hiring:

    Working with a recruitment agency will reduce the time to find and hire a candidate for a job opening.

The reason is, you won’t be screening hundreds of CVs and profiles. The recruitment agency will do that and deliver the top candidates for you to consider.

Recruitment agencies already have many profiles on hand for candidates they have vetted and an extensive network of professionals.

  1. Higher quality candidates:

    With recruitment agencies already-vetted network of candidates, they can provide suitable candidates fast.

In addition, “agency recruiters are professionally trained to assess candidates. They use best-practice methods to differentiate real experts from good interviewees. They also have a vast experience you can benefit from,” adds Talentlyft.

  1. Experience with multiple industries:

    Recruitment agencies in Egypt tend to have a wide range of expertise in various sectors.

Since Egypt is a large market with various sectors, you may find agencies specializing in a few industries or others, like Tawzef, that have garnered experience in several major industries like FMCG, oil and gas, and renewable energy construction and more.

  1. No need for an in-house recruiter:

    Working with a recruitment agency means you get to hire them when you need them and not pay them when you don’t have anything outstanding.

This is the opposite of having an in-house recruiter, who would weigh on the company’s finances if the company doesn’t have any hiring needs for several months.

  1. Maintaining confidentiality:

    Certain C-suite and senior-level jobs like general managers or section heads often require confidentiality as they may hurt a business.

Hiring a recruitment agency helps businesses maintain a high degree of confidentiality until the dust settles.

  1. Added Security:

    No company likes it when a new hire quits in their first few months, whether they found another job that pays more or worse if they are not a match for the business’s work environment.

That’s where recruitment agencies are more helpful. In addition to having vetted candidates beforehand, they also provide a degree of security against such events. The protection comes in the form of reimbursement from the recruitment agency to the hiring company.

“The best recruitment agencies offer guarantee periods. This means that they guarantee you that your new hire will stay at your company for a certain period (usually 3-6 months),” notes TalentLyft.

It further explains that if this new hire leaves or is terminated before the guarantee or grace period is over, the recruitment agency will either give you a full refund or replace the candidate that left at no extra charge.

Recruitment agencies in Egypt, including Tawzef for Recruitment and HR Consultancy, offer a three-month guarantee period. In some cases and depending on seniority and other factors, this period may extend to six months.


How Tawzef can help your business

We’ve talked about how recruitment agencies in Egypt work and how they can help your business.

But there’s something more we need to mention: It’s how Tawzef for Recruitment and HR Consultancy can support your business needs.

In addition to the above mentioned six benefits of hiring a recruitment agency, Tawzef provides other HR-related services such as payroll services, whether outsourced or on your company’s premises, manpower planning and outsourcing, and creating strategic business plans.

We talked about how high-level hires require a certain degree of confidentiality. But that’s not all these top hires need.

In many cases, an employee will be promoted to a senior and more managerial role. And that’s when problems begin.

For this reason, Tawzef provides Psychometric assessments, known as pre-hiring assessments, which help companies and startups uncover both the hidden talents and weaknesses within team members.

Employees love promotions because they offer them a better title and, of course, a higher salary. But not everyone was born to be a manager or a leader.

That’s where Psychometric Assessments fill a gap. Learn more about Tawzef’s Psychometric Assessments, which are in collaboration with the French firm Central Test.



Recruitment is never an easy feat, even if you’re hiring a fresh graduate who is just about to discover your business and the world.

Zoom in to recruitment in Egypt, and you’ll discover that many difficulties arise during the recruitment process despite the large market.

So what’s the solution to all that?

You are hiring a recruitment agency that can take all the headaches away and provide you with your needs.

Get in touch with Tawzef for Recruitment and HR Consultancy and make sure you get the best candidates Tawzef has to offer.

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