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Construction Services


Saudi Arabia

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5 years

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Responsible for planning and services for stores, which ultimately serve to achieve the company’s goals Responsible for following up the operational plans of the inventory Military personnel working in warehouses and stocks on their work, and military service staff in the warehouse. Participate in warehouse procedures with the management representative for the quality system and the quality assurance planning manager * Responsible for keeping with follow-up, follow-up, and waste backups Suggesting improvement, curative and preventive measures that start with improving the start of work · An earlier version of Looks Like Waiting Suggesting the financial budget in the warehouses within the scope of the company’s financial capabilities for studies Your storage status Conducting a periodic inventory of the stores every quarter. Report a weekly report to the director of Ithmar Chains what has been accomplished and what has been postponed with a statement All of the above mentioned in this research Develop all models of quality models for stores. Requirements – bachelor degree  – 5 years of experience in warehouse.  – Ability to use warehouse management software, warehouses and databases. – Ability to manage employees and master leadership skills. – The ability to make decisions and provide appropriate solutions to various problems.​

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