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Manages the company's servers, domain controllers and AD including GPOs, users profiles ( creation, editing and deletion ) etc.… according to business needs and manager's recommendations.
 Performs daily systems monitoring, verifies the integrity and availability of all server resources, systems and key processes, reviews system and application logs, and verifies completion of scheduled backup jobs and take the appropriate actions in case of any failures occurrence according to business needs and manager's recommendations.
 Performs daily operations, ensures that all required file systems and system data are successfully backed up to the appropriate media, recovery tapes or disks, and that the media is recycled and sent off site on daily basis.
 Ensures smooth replications of DCs between branches and Head Office on daily basis to ensure that all branches are connected and that security rules, which have been put in place be the security officer are adhered to in all locations at the same time.
 Supervises of all services of dedicated servers such as Print Management Servers, Antivirus Server, Monitoring Servers, File Server, Email Environment, VMware Environment, O365 and applied System Center suite.
 Monitors servers and users audit logs to find and fix serious issues on daily basis.
 Maintains systems software functionality and handles patch management processes, which include installing all required releases of upgrades and patches to enhance servers, systems, PCs performance to all users using dedicated software such as WSUS, SCCM, etc.…
 Provides recommendations concerning hardware, software and upgrades of the servers, PCs to enhance their performance.
 Provides 2 nd tier of support and provisioning of 3rd tier of support in solving all technical problems for escalated issues by company users and managers.
 Develops test plans and procedures related to server environments as needed.
 Creates documentation related to servers as required.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or equivalent degree in related discipline.
 At least 3 years of experience within the same position.
 Must be proficient in administering, implementing, and maintaining different types of Operating systems (Microsoft products, Linux, UNIX, etc.)
 Has relevant experience in Active Directory, Virtualization, Patch Management, Windows 2008,2012 and 2016 Servers, Antivirus Management, Clustering.
 Has relevant experience in Exchange Servers 2010, 2013 and 2016 and MS O365.
 Record of accomplishment to implement new methodologies or tools that need change management efforts in technology environment.
 Has analytical and Problem solving skills
 Experienced in handling automated software and system management tools
 Must have working knowledge of MCSE.
 Ability to deal with crisis management.
 Excellent in written & spoken English and Arabic languages

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