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Monitor work processes and procedures to identify unsafe practices or breach of safety regulations Conduct equipment inspection to ensure they are correctly installed and operational Facilitate and schedule repairs of unsafe or damaged equipment Organize safety training to educate company staff on necessary safety principles Liaise with the quality control department of a company to determine if a finished product is safe for customers Develop and implement safety, procedures, and policies for production operations Carry out investigations to identify the root cause of an incident or other unsafe conditions on a work site Oversee the placement and setup of safety signs to warn of potential hazard Prepare and present to company management periodic report of safety operations Collaborate with law enforcement agents and investigators to address cases of workplace accident Proffer recommendations on safety topics such as proper waste disposal, fire regulations, and noise Conduct risk assessments to identify work areas with high risk of operational hazard Oversee company waste disposal methods to ensure they comply with safe disposal procedures Review company operational processes to ensure they are in line with external safety legislations Attend occupational safety and health seminars to update job knowledge and enhance their skills. Requirements – bachelor Degree – maximum age 35 years of experience  – Female/Male – +3 years of experience in the same position. 

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