Shorouk Elghazouly

Recruitment Consultant


I’m Shorouk, Recruitment Consultant in Tawzef. I worked in several roles during and after studying Business Administration in college, like English Instructing, CSR and Recruitment for an American English Call Center.

My position as a recruitment consultant in Tawzef satisfies my need for a space to explore. To explore careers and people within these careers and industries as well.

For me, the main motivation to take a full-time job on a long term, is for it to feel meaningful to me, it has to feel that I’m adding a value or helping out somehow. This is what makes it interesting to me in Tawzef, I get to help people find the perfect job for them, and I get to save the day for corporates who’re desperate to find a qualified caliber with the right attitude and criteria.

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