What Do HR Consultancy Companies In Egypt Actually Offer?

hr consultancy companies in egypt

HR consultancy companies in Egypt offer a variety of services to businesses of various sizes and across multiple industries. But deciding to work with an HR consultancy isn’t a decision you make on the spot.

It can take weeks and months to make that decision. In fact, many companies may not even know what they need or that their required services are best performed by an HR consultancy.

So, what is an HR consultancy? What kinds of services do HR consultancies in Egypt offer? And when should you work with one?

What is an HR consultancy?

what is an hr consultancy

An HR consultancy is a company that provides a variety of HR services. Specifically, services that require a high level of expertise and that would, otherwise, be too expensive to perform in-house.

HR consultancies can also called HR outsourcing companies, HR management consultancy, HR solutions consultancy or HR firms

What types of services do HR consultancy companies in Egypt offer?

The services HR consultancy companies offer may differ based on the country or region they operate in.

And while HR operations tend to be the same in most companies–every company needs an organization structure–some services may differ based on:

  1. Local laws and regulations
  2. The level of flexibility or rigidness imposed within a company
  3. Other factors

Let’s look at the most common services offered by HR consultancies in Egypt and the Arab region.

1)  Recruitment

One of the most sought-after services are recruitment services, which alone encompass a host of sub-services. Most people think recruitment is just filling vacant positions. But recruitment goes beyond that.

The recruitment process alone comes with multiple stages that take time, effort, and money to be completed. It also involves several teams including your HR team, finance, and the hiring manager.

HR consultancy companies in Egypt often manage large recruitment events such as mass hiring or offshoring, where they need to hire dozens of employees.

This is not a task for a single recruiter, HR executive, or talent acquisition specialist. It’s a task for an experienced company.

2)  Manpower Outsourcing Service

This is a sub-category of recruitment. Manpower outsourcing is a two-stage outsourcing process. It involves outsourcing your recruitment and payroll to an HR firm.

When you outsource your manpower, you outsource one or more of your teams to an HR consultancy or firm, like Tawzef, to manage their payroll, hiring documents, and other requirements.

Many global brands operating in Egypt and the Middle East use manpower outsourcing to manage their teams and sometimes entire companies.

Call center outsourcing is one of the most widely-outsourced services that fall under manpower outsourcing. With call centers, companies hire HR consultancies in Egypt like Tawzef to manage both their employees and their entire business unit.

3)  HR Strategy 

Creating an HR strategy is another popular service offered by HR consultancies. The main reason is that it takes lots of time, requires massive expertise, and is quite expensive to conduct in-house.

4)  BPO Services

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a service regularly-offered by HR consulting firms. It involves outsourcing business processes like IT services, among other larger services.

5)  Overseas Recruitment 

Many HR companies offer overseas recruitment only. HR consultancy companies in Egypt have been famously providing this service for decades.

When Tawzef first started, it began with overseas recruitment and then began focusing on the local Egyptian market.

6)  Organizational Structure

Creating your company’s organizational structure is another example of service you’re most likely to request from an HR firm.

Organization structure involves creating the hierarchy within a company along with salary grades.

Oftentimes, the organizational structure and HR strategy often overlap or are carried out simultaneously. This overlapping process is often referred to as an HR organizational strategy.

7)  Mass Recruitment

Mass recruitment, or bulk recruitment, is a type of recruitment that involves companies conducting large events like job fairs or mega-interview days to choose dozens of employees.

HR consultancies are in charge of creating the different job description, making announcements, screening resumes, and conducting initial phone interviews. Their role may also extend beyond that to later filtration processes.

The healthcare industry is one where mass recruitment is common. That’s because hospitals need to hire dozens of nurses and technicians along with hundreds of employees in various departments.

8)  GAP analysis

A GAP analysis is a type of analysis that companies use to measure their performance against the market and target.

This analysis helps them see if they are using their resources effectively. These resources include their employees (labor), money, and time.

By clearly identifying those gaps and analyzing them, companies can address them by creating an action plan or business plan.

9)  Training and development

Many HR consultancies in Egypt offer training and development for local and regional companies. Training and development may be for HR personnel or for an entire company.

Training and development may entail soft skills training like negotiation skills, especially for sales people, or other options like improving employees’ knowledge and use of English, training them to use certain software, or something else.

10)  Software and IT systems

Many companies turn to HR consultancy companies to get normally-expensive HR software and IT services. This is slightly similar to BPO services.

types of hr consultancy services hr services offered by hr consultancy companies in egypt

types of hr consultancy services

When should you work with an HR consultancy?

A question every business owner or general manager asks themselves is ‘When should I work with an HR consultancy?’

We can summarize the answer to this question in the following bullet points. A company should consider working with an HR consultancy when they need:

  • A large service that they can’t provide in-house.
  • Conducting a survey or create a good HR strategy that requires a degree of anonymity.
  • A service that is too expensive to attempt in-house.
  • Help with various HR functions without a trial-and-error period.
  • Managing large hiring events.
  • Outsourcing their payroll and hiring requirements altogether.
  • Improving their employer branding and increase employee retention.
  • Understanding why they have a high rate of employee turnover.
  • Among other reasons.


HR consultancies can drive businesses forward. They offer a variety of services to help companies manage their administrative and essential operations.

A company without an organization structure or an effective HR strategy is one that’s doomed to fail. Or at least, one that will struggle with a high employee turnover that will hurt its employer branding.

Whether your business is in Egypt, you’re planning to expand to Egypt, or operate in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Tawzef will support your growth plan through its HR consultancy services.

We’ll ensure everything will be carried out easily and you’ll see an improvement in employee retention.

Need help with one of the above HR consultancy services? Got a service you’re not sure if it falls within this list, then reach out to our team and we’ll clarify all your needs and help you grow your company.


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