The important skills in Hr field.


Who doesn’t like working in multinational companies and fields that have a future in a long-term?

Who doesn’t want a high salary?

Well, you  will need to prepare yourself and your CV to be selected in their interviews and don’t forget there will be a huge candidates like you applying for the same position, and regarding for this step you want to study the following :

  • Soft Skills (contains)
    1. Team work
    2. Teamwork is the one soft skill nobody can do without these days. Even freelancers who work at home and seldom see another person in the flesh need to develop their teamwork skills. Teamwork means cooperation, collaboration and taking the initiative when necessary.
    3. Effective communication
    4. Effective communication is perhaps the easiest of the soft skills to teach online, especially as people can benefit simply from listening to or watching good communicators and seeing how they do it. Bear in mind that communication does not just cover speaking but also listening as well – and knowing when each is important.
    5. Problem-solving
    6. Problem-solving is not just about being analytical. Employees need to learn to approach problems calmly, to know when to get help (back to teamwork again), when to barrel through and when to back off and take a break or try a different approach.
  1. Time management
    1. Time management can benefit from both online training and the use of productivity tools to encourage focus and prioritize tasks. Although this is a transferable skill, it is more concrete than most, as people need to learn how to put together a proper to-do list and organize their calendar.

Article Author : Amira Foad .


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