What Is Recruitment Marketing? 9 Strategies to Attract Talents

what is recruitment marketing (9 strategies to attract talents)

You may be surprised to learn that recruitment and marketing go hand-in-hand. Let’s face it. No one, fresh or professional, wants to join a company no one has ever heard of. Or worse, one with a bad reputation.

Today, the recruitment process isn’t just about filling a vacancy, although that still remains its main function.

Senior and talented employees won’t submit their resumes or answer your hiring questions simply because you have an open vacancy.

This means you need to entice them to go through your hiring process and join your company.

That’s why a successful recruitment process begins with positive employer branding and recruitment marketing and ends with filled vacancies and employee retention.

Read on to learn more about what recruitment marketing is and why it’s important for businesses. We’ll also show you several recruitment marketing strategies you can try.


What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process of showing potential candidates why they should want to work in your company.

Through recruitment marketing strategies, companies aim to make themselves enticing for fresh and seasoned candidates alike.

Recruitment marketing should be part of every step of your recruitment process.

How you conduct marketing for recruitment purposes may vary from creating social media posts to videos, to conducting interviews with employees, to sharing your ‘employee of the month,’ among others.

A good recruitment marketing strategy should not only appeal to potential candidates but also retain current employees.


Top recruitment marketing strategies for best results

To set your company and recruitment methods apart from the crowd, here are a few recruitment marketing strategies to consider.

You can apply one or more of these strategies at the same time. As you will see, many of these marketing strategies for recruitment serve your HR team and the company as a whole.


1) Social media marketing

The first and quickest recruitment marketing strategy is via social media marketing. This could be through platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others.

It’s important you don’t get distracted by the number of platforms and focus your efforts on 1 or 2 platforms at most.

Share your company’s achievements. Showcase your values. Announce open vacancies. Share your company’s employee of the month or have an ‘employee of the month’ from various teams or departments. Unveil new recruits across your teams. These are just a few marketing ideas for recruitment.

The purpose of recruitment marketing is to entice candidates to your company. Your social media should give them a reason to submit their resume and be motivated to join.


2) In-person and virtual networking events

One way to make your company more visible is to participate in in-person or virtual networking and recruitment events.

Many senior and skilled talents go to networking events to meet new people in their field and in other fields. Similarly, many job seekers go to job fairs and recruitment events to find new opportunities for their career.

You may find juniors as well as seniors and managers at those events.


3) Positive candidate experience 

Creating a positive candidate experience serves both your employer branding strategy and your recruitment marketing strategy.

Contrary to what many believe, the candidate experience doesn’t begin when a candidate meets your hiring manager or HR team during the interview.

It begins from the moment a candidate sees your vacancy or job listing and begins the application process.

Companies with a positive candidate experience not only attract skilled candidates, but also prompt them to apply again in the future if they’re not accepted.


4) Collaborating with recruitment agencies 

Aside from the various recruitment services agencies, like Tawzef, can offer like creating your HR strategy, offering manpower outsourcing services, among others. They can also benefit your recruitment marketing strategy.

One benefit they offer is access to a larger, more focused talent pool. This can bolster your recruitment marketing efforts as they can conduct most of the recruitment process on your behalf.


5) Have a company website

Your company website is one of the first touchpoints a candidate will explore when researching your company. They’ll look you up on Google or find you through LinkedIn.

Aside from serving your company’s marketing and sales needs, a company website contributes to your recruitment marketing strategy.

Companies with no website or with an outdated one are more likely to put off candidates.

Create a ‘We’re Hiring’ or ‘Vacancies’ section at the top of the site or in the footer so candidates can view all opportunities.

Take this opportunity and showcase your company’s values, culture, and employee perks.


6) Create clear and appealing job descriptions 

It should go without saying but creating clear, descriptive, and appealing job descriptions attracts skilled candidates.

One of the biggest hiring mistakes companies make is having a vague or inadequate job description.

Often, candidates will get to know a company when a vacancy pops up in their feed. So, a clear job description helps you improve your screen process and getting high-quality resumes.

Make your job descriptions more appealing by adding a salary range. You’ll be doing yourself and potential candidates a favor.


7) Have good employer branding 

As mentioned, employer branding and recruitment marketing are two sides of the same coin.

Positive employer branding entices skilled candidates to apply to vacancies and reduces employee turnover and attrition.


8) Talk about your company culture

Your company’s culture not only helps retain employees but can acts as a magnet for candidates looking for new opportunities.

Use employee engagement tactics to showcase your company culture. You can do so through your website, social media marketing, email newsletters, or at employment fairs and events.


9) Get employees to talk positively about your company

While you can’t force your employees to talk positively about your company on social media, having a positive and collaborative company culture will automatically do that.

Happy and satisfied employees will want to talk about what your company does for them.

Sometimes they’ll talk about the company itself or their supportive manager or their team. In all cases, this acts as recruitment marketing and plays in your company’s branding.

It also showcases your employees’ loyalty to you.


Wrapping it up

Like the hiring process, recruitment marketing is a process. It encompasses various teams in your company. Not just your marketing team.

But to conduct recruitment marketing, you should have a solid HR strategy that ensures a safe and collaborative company culture.

Your employee engagement and retention tactics, including your employee rewards program and compensation and benefits scheme help you retain employees. They also contribute to enticing new talents.


Need help finding candidates for your various vacancies? Want to improve your employer branding and recruitment marketing? Get Tawzef’s consultancy services today!

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