9 Reasons to Hire an Offshoring Service Provider for Your Offshore Construction Projects

offshore constructions offshoring service provider for construction projects

Companies operating in the construction industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region often turn to offshoring service companies to find skilled talents for them.

As one of the largest industries in the world and in the burgeoning MENA region, the construction industry is a talent magnet for many countries.

In this article, we’ll look at what offshoring in the construction industry looks like, the benefits of using offshoring service providers, and how to hire such a company.


What is offshoring?

Offshoring is a business strategy that involves hiring and paying personnel on behalf of a company in a different country.

Companies often turn to offshoring to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and increase production capabilities.

Offered by HR and recruitment agencies, offshoring can be useful for any industry. The most common industries where offshoring takes place are call centers and construction.


What is offshoring in the construction industry?

The construction industry is a broad industry with many categories and sub-industries. Construction can range from building residential and commercial complexes to construction of factories, oil and gas platforms, among others.

Offshoring construction workers is common for companies that operate in other countries.

For example, if a Saudi construction company plans to build a residential tower or complex in Egypt, it would require offshoring services to find Egyptian civil engineers and other workers for its construction project.

The offshoring service provider may be responsible for hiring the Egyptian engineers or for hiring and paying them.


Benefits of working with an offshoring service provider

Working with an offshoring construction service provider offers many benefits for companies. Construction companies can:

1) Reduce costs

One of the top benefits of working with an offshore construction company is saving recruitment costs. This means the company seeking offshoring services can save money across the entire recruitment process. From creating job descriptions to hiring and payroll.

Moreover, hiring offshore employees or team members can be cost efficient. Often companies will turn to offshoring service providers to reduce the cost of labor and hire people in countries where it’s cheaper to hire people.


2) Get access to a large talent pool 

Working with an offshoring company, like Tawzef, means getting access to a large number of candidates faster.

The construction company doesn’t have to go through the process of sharing the vacancies across various recruitment websites or reviewing duplicate and irrelevant resumes.

The company can rely on the offshoring service provider’s networks, recommendations, and their screening processes.


3) Manage the entire hiring process

A major perk of hiring an offshoring company is that they manage the entire recruitment process for you.

From creating job descriptions for available vacancies to sourcing candidates, fact-checking and ensuring relevance to the vacancy to conducting initial interviews.

The hiring construction company doesn’t have to worry about many time-consuming steps that the offshoring company handles on its behalf.


4) Save time

Obviously, the hiring company saves hours and even weeks, they would otherwise have had to conduct themselves. Especially when trying to fill dozens, if not hundreds, of vacancies at once.


5) Skip managing relevant paperwork 

Another benefit of working with an offshoring service provider is that the company doesn’t have to manage hiring and legal paperwork for its offshore employees. 


6) Get financial incentives

Offshoring can provide significant financial benefits for businesses. These benefits include lower labor and real-estate costs, which can help reduce staffing needs and save on office space expenses.

Additionally, governments may grant tax breaks and financial incentives to businesses investing in their economies.

Investing in countries with favorable business regulations can also make it more affordable for businesses to relocate some of their personnel and increase their profits.


7) Access to skilled Labor 

Not only does Offshoring offer one of the biggest advantages in terms of a larger talent pool, but also for hiring skilled locals. Doing so can give you insights into different business practices that can help you foster innovation and scale your business in their home countries.

For example, when you hire senior construction or oil and gas engineers, you can benefit from their local expertise.


8) Operate business around the clock

Another perk for using an offshoring service provider is enhancing your business efficiency by enabling a continuous workflow.

With an offshore team, you can provide 24/7 service and ensure there are always team members available to handle any arising issues or tasks, regardless of the time at your headquarters.

This applies to both call centers and delayed or in-a-rush construction projects.


9) Sustainability

Long-term business sustainability is challenging due to changing environments, trends, and technology.

Offshore outsourcing promotes global collaboration, gives access to expertise, technology, best practices, and innovation, all of which can enhance business operations and help your company adapt to changing times.


Why hire Tawzef for your offshore construction needs

Whether you’re looking to hire offshore civil engineers, oil and gas engineers, or even an entire offshore crew, Tawzef has you covered.

That’s in addition to filling specific roles for offshore hookup and construction, real estate development, and other types of construction companies.

As an HR and recruitment agency, Tawzef has been working with construction companies in Egypt and the broader Middle East for years.

Tawzef is well-versed in mass recruitment in various industries, across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). We understand GCC requirements and have access to a large talent pool of Egyptian engineers in various fields of construction.

If you need help filling roles in your company through offshoring, get in touch with Tawzef. Our team is ready to help.

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