What is your competitive advantage?

What is your competitive advantage?

The 4 amazing secrets to evaluate your self

Now days all of us are looking for competences in our job or career even we are company or person But there are many deeply things in our organization effect in our competences such as work conditions, salary and learning and development.. Etc. but did you ever asked you self what is competitive advantage on me as employee who work’s in organization looking for the best from myself?!! Dear reader it is really hard to answer this question but let me help you to answer your question With the 4 secrets to evaluate yourself.

The first secret is Productivity                                                                                                                              Each one of us in any organization and whatever the industry of the company have product to work on it , maybe your product is a service you provide  or FMCG product or anything satisfy  needs  you  should  ask yourself  what is my productivity looks like  it’s like any employee in my company or bench mark companies or I am different and here I ask you to evaluate your productivity ask yourself the number of product or service  that I create daily does it match with my company needs it transfers  to money  or not, if yes you need to prove it but if not you should change your mind and start to do the right thing to be on the line because your company needs that from you

The second secret is Efficiency                                                                                                                                  As per our talk above about productivity we will introduce efficiency that it is the quality of productivity Ask yourself again I do my job on time or not, I do it without mistakes or every product comes out with mistakes, efficiency is too important in any organization and the quality of service or product can makes any company is on top or in bottom

The third secret is profitability                                                                                                                               Any company around the world one of their goals is profitability and raising up the rank of them in the market but how it comes? The answer is by you, you are the only responsible to make your company gain money or lose so ask yourself what is best achievement I did to my company and let me tell you important thing the language of owners is money so you need to answer with this language how much money I gained for my company. “You are owner in your company so you should take care of your profitability”

The forth secret is Internal Relationships                                                                                                            This is a one of the most important thing in any company and all of companies  to make team building activity days to increase the power of internal relationships and loyalty for their employees so what did you do ? Did you take the chance to improve your relations with the other members of your team or department or company at all? ,dear I know it is really hard to satisfy all people but at least try to satisfy the most of them satisfy your manager by doing your responsibility, satisfy your partners in your team by exchanging the information and care every time that any information is clear.

These are the 4 amazing secrets in any organization. It depends on your choice so now what is your competitive advantage


Article Author : Mina Nathan .

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