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A. Guest Services

1. Be the expert: Explain Playground operation or rules to guests and motivate them to play.

2. Be the Ambassador of fun: create an enjoyable play experience in our facility to encourage repeat visits.

3. Ensure all guests are greeted enthusiastically and all your team interact with guests positively and professionally.

4. Fills and sends all complaints related to the daily problems happened with guests and send it to the FM for Action.

5. Assist with the guest service Feedback process as required and provide immediate associates with positive and negative feedback as a result of the reports and correct any deficiencies immediately.

6. Keep professional records in the event of guest service deficiencies, complaints, or accidents.

7. Ensure the telephone is answered by all your team professionally.

B. Staffing

1. Prepares the weekly schedule & Section rotation of employees send it for the FM for approval.

2. Manages the Stewarding team on site and assure productivity of work from their End.

3. Manages the Security team on site and assure usual presence and action from their End.

4. Leads, manages & coaches all team members.

5. Follows up concerning the induction program of new joiners and provides feedbacks accordingly.

6. Assist in team members’ performance evaluation by providing feedback.

7. Supports all staff during rush hours.

C. Operations

1. Be a promoter: promote marketing tools, packages and Monkey Maze® features.

2. Fills the Daily Log book and End of day report & share it with the FM.

3. In charge of filling the opening & closing procedures checklist to make sure that the floor is ready to host guests.

4. Prepares the Fond de caisse and wristbands before shift.

5. In charge of closing procedures & follow up regarding checklist.

6. In Charge of retrieving & preparing the transaction report and assure to execute a reconciliation between system and cash money report on count.

7. Prepares all daily reports and submit it to the FM plus clarifications.

8. Replaces & plays the role of the FM (during the absence of the FM) in terms of handling all problems and taking decisions related to the operation (Supervisor Duty).

9. Know how to handle his responsibilities & submit reports to his line manager.

10. Follows up regarding all administrative duties related to GSAs.

11. Assist the line manager in ensuring that your team follows the Monkey Maze® Operations and Personnel Manuals.

12. Understand the fundamental principles of Cosmofun’s Quality Policy statement and implement them for conformity to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 requirements.

13. Committed to the principle of never-ending improvement in product quality, reliability and guest service excellence.

14. Ensure that nonconforming outputs to established Quality and Health & Safety requirements are identified and controlled to prevent their unintended use and delivery.

D. Inventory Control

1. Monitor merchandise inventory and assist in the re-order process (Based on Par level sheet) and send it to the FM for approval.

2. Ensure that all merchandise is kept, stored and presented according to safety standards and the Monkey Maze® presentation norms.

3. Ensure that all delivery to consumers are made within the earlier expiry date of the product.

E. Facility Maintenance

1. Ensure that all equipment is in excellent condition and notify management immediately of any deficiencies.

2. Follow up on maintenance of the playground area.

3. Monitor the facility’s conformity to fire and safety regulations.


– Education: A Bachelor degree in BA or Technical degree in hospitality management or related field.

– Related Work Experience: Minimum 2 years of experience

– Language Skills: Strong command of English – Arabic languages

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