Senior Marketing

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5 years

Job Description

1.       Fluent in Arabic and English

2.       Bachelor (or master) degree in marketing, business administration or related fields

3.       Previous experience in sales, marketing, advertising and brand management

4.       Previous experience in planning marketing strategies

5.       Previous experience in marketing in educational, webinar or seminar field

6.       Stellar written and oral communication skills, effective presenting and active listening skills

7.       Extensive knowledge of current and relevant markets

8.       Willingness to try innovative marketing strategies

9.       Excellent time management, able to balance many projects at once

10.   Great people relation skill

11.   Familiar with CRM and preferably Cognitive bias principles


1.       build brand awareness through various media outlets

2.       plan sales and advertising campaign upon request

3.       present projects to clients and do required research to use best marketing approach for each client

4.       work within a team of marketers to collaterally create an ad/marketing campaign

5.       Keep track of and balance the budgets

6.       Negotiate contracts

7.       Meeting the clients to discuss and present the services

8.       Report any possible business opportunities that may present themselves in meetings

9.       Reviewing the progress and success of a campaign, marketing adjustment or pitching the idea for new campaign if necessity

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