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Executes the operating plan developed by the production line manager of the unit.

2. It follows up the machine operators in all production stages and makes sure that the work is in progress as required.

3. Develops and monitors the cleaning plan for the work area continuously.

4. He makes sure that the required materials are withdrawn and their quality before the start of production.

5. It tracks the assembly processes of different products and the packaging processes.

6. Implement comprehensive productive maintenance programs and coordinate basic maintenance schedules with the Maintenance Department.

7. He submits periodic reports to the factory manager about what has been achieved from the established production plan, which includes (the factory operation statement is always identical to the production plan in terms of quantities and production time / a statement of the faults that occurred during the shift).

8. Monitors the performance of critical control points in the production unit.

9. He shall implement the requirements of Quality Management (ISO) during the manufacturing process.


bachelor in engineering (mechanical Engineer) 
2-4 years of experience 
maximum age 30
Experience in plastic injection and extrusion

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