Partnership Manager

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5 years

Job Description

  • Leverage your expertise, and be up-to-date with the most recent industry trends to set up the right working relations
  • ii. Build knowledge, on the industry and the business to identify opportunities
  • iii. Develop new business through cold calling, networking, and warm leads to build strategic long-lasting B2B partnerships.
  • iv. Continually improve the company’s partnership practice, grow its portfolio of partners, create go-to-market plans, drive expansion opportunities, and manage and grow the partnership.
  • v. Researching Market trends and tools to fulfill customer needs through integration partnerships
  • vi. Approach new partners to fulfill needed business KPIs and strategy.
  • vii. Research and analysis of the market to identify collaboration opportunities.
  • viii. Discover/open a network and extend/manage relationships with prospective partners
  • ix. Manage pipeline and generate new partnerships leads.
  • x. Approach, design, manage, execute partnerships that support Opay Egypt B2B acquisition and growth.
  • xi. Align partnership collaborations with all activities, and support each pillar as expanding partnership opportunities
  • xii. Assist Opay Egypt with approaching new partners who would support us expanding partnerships and online PGW services.
  • xiii. Lead all communication with new/current partners and/or strategic entities.
  • xiv. Manage the contractual process with the partner and Opay Egypt legal department.
  • xv. Collaborate with internal teams to grow channels and payment methods according to team strategy.
  • xvi. Handle partner onboarding process and internal communication with product management team.
  • xvii. Deliver/execute full processes of the collaboration projects and develop best practice.
  • xviii. Based on the internal/external analysis, develop tactics to increase income and awareness through partnerships collaborations
  • xix. Plan, create and propose business opportunities for collaborating with partnerships


  • Strategic thinker
  • ii. Minimum of 5+ years of Experience. 
  • iii. Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or related field or relevant experience.
  • iv. Experience in  banking, financial institutions, e-commerce, marketing, or related field is preferred  .
  • v. Strong communication skills oral and written.
  • vi. Ability to manage complex projects and multi-task.
  • vii. Excellent organizational skills.
  • viii. Proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • ix. Previous experience in Fintech or financial Inst. is a plus.

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