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Planning. Develops plans and programs for the finance department and monitors their implementation in support of organization’s achievement of its key objectives. Reviews actual figures (sales, direct cost, gross margin, G&A and Net profit analysis to help the training departments in forecasting and budgeting, and suggesting methods of improving the planning process as appropriate. 2. Accounts Receivable. Supervises accounting activities related to Accounts Receivables to ensure the revenue transactions are properly entered in a timely manner. And collection of receivable is controlled within approved guidelines. 3. Accounts Payable. Supervises accounting activities related to Accounts Payable to ensure the integrity of invoices, the correct amount is paid and payment is conducted in a timely manner. 4. Budget. In coordination with other divisions and departments, supervises the compellation of budgetary information and actual budget development in accordance with top management direction. Monitors budget execution, reports to the top management on phased spend rates and deviations from planned and assists managers with adjustments to programs when realignment is needed. Analyzes institute financial figures to help the high management to pinpoint opportunities and areas that need to be reorganized, down-sized, or eliminated. 5. Cash Management. Insures appropriate cash management activities by monitoring the movement of cash disbursements and receipts between commercial and Bank accounts to EBI Job Description Head of Finance Department – p. 2 of 4 ensure fund sufficiency. Supervise the institute’s source of funds to ensure its best use including cash, inventory, accounts receivable and fixed assets. 6. Fixed Assets. Performs recording of fixed assets and related amortization for proper capitalization and grouping of fixed assets. 7. Consolidation. Consolidates all subsidiary ledgers into a general ledger to produce statements reporting organization’s financial position and a breakdown to include a by department/division review in accordance with proper accounting principles and practices. 8. Reports. Directs the preparation of all financial reports, including revenues and expenditures statement, balance sheet, cash flow statements to stakeholders. Provide the departments’ heads with monthly results to keep them informed with their departments financials, performance and clarify positive and /or negative deviations. 9. Audit. Ensure all required activities related to external and internal audits are completed and a coordinated audit reply is submitted in compliance with required procedures and policies for unqualified opinion reports. 10. General Management. Perform day-to-day managerial role, including; identification of training needs, development and performance management of the staff to improve team performance and morale, thereby, improving the department’s efficiency and effectiveness. Requirements · Excellent verbal and written communication skills · Excellent analytical and organizational skills · Making Decisions, Solving Problems and Evaluating Results · Computer skills in Microsoft programs and operating accounting systems. · Languages: Ability to read, write and speak English and present persuasive and clear opinions . Extensive years of experience minimum 15 years in several areas of accounting · Experience at the managerial level · Significant years of experience in leading group

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