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Assessing patients’ skin diseases, conditions, and ailments to determine appropriate treatment Prescribing medication and creating treatment plans, referring patients for surgery where necessary Monitoring patient progress Assessing and updating patients’ medical history, including keeping a record of patients’ symptoms Informing and educating patients on available treatments and preventative skincare Referring patients to specialists in other fields Keeping up to date with new medical procedures, topics, and scientific studies by attending seminars, conferences, and training programs Adhering to infection-control policies and protocols to protect patients and employees Requirements – Female is preferred. – has master. – 40 is the maximum age. – Excellent attention to detail during consultations with patients and reviewing medical records – Effective interpersonal skills within the medical team and also with patients – Manual dexterity to examine the skin, apply treatments, and perform minor surgeries – Strong clinical diagnostic skills – Commitment to a high standard of care through the promotion and maintenance of skin health – Capable of multitasking and working diligently in a fast-paced work environment

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