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High Role View: Account managers play a critical role in retaining existing clients and key customers.
The main responsibility of an account manager is managing the client’s expectations, overseeing the process of delivery, and ensuring that the client’s needs are met in a timely fashion.
Key Responsibility:
Communication: An account manager serves as a single point of contact for the client.
Clients are usually more comfortable when they’re talking about their requirements to one person.
When you’re asking clients to repeat themselves to several different people, you might easily disrupt the workflow.
Having the client speak only one person is less confusing and creates a smoother.
Management: The core responsibility of an account manager is managing the client’s project from the beginning to the end.
They not only establish and maintain a professional relationship with the client but also continue assessing their needs and business objectives as the project progresses.
Account managers often help in developing initiatives for increasing customer satisfaction and retention.
Sales support: The sales cycle for technology products is usually long and complex, involving different decision-makers at every stage.
Account managers are responsible for identifying the information and resource requirements for these stages, such as proposal, customer evaluation, and supplier selection.
They also ensure that their company achieves the best position as a supplier for a given client.
Confidence and trust: An account manager is a person responsible for building a relationship with the client.
Smart account managers know how to forge stronger relationships with customers, increasing their loyalty, and building trust.
Customization: Account managers help clients to implement the software at their company.
They streamline the process that allows the customer to shape the software so that it’s perfectly in line with their unique requirements.
The account manager also shares knowledge and helps the customer build a stronger business.
This is the foundation for creating a long-lasting relationship.
Collaboration: Another key responsibility of an account manager is coordinating various teams to make sure that the client’s expectations are met. This role assists all the teams to meet their financial targets and growth objectives.
An account manager also helps the company management in formulating broader-picture strategic planning.


• Must have a bachelor’s degree in Management Information System or any related field.
• Experience in Software House agency not less than 2 years as an Account Manager
• Must have experience in working on projects (Websites, Mobile Application, CRM System, Web application System)
• Male Only
• Age between 22 to 26
• Strong Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Office skills.
• Preferred own a car.
• Advanced reporting skills.
• Must have strong communication skills.
• Problem-solving skills,
• Excellent people skills and intuition about the customers’ business needs,
• Ability to deal calmly with any customer complaints or problems,
• Ability to work independently and collaborate with the team successfully,
• Leadership skills, professionalism, and a motivated attitude.

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