Salary Survey

Large businesses need to do salary surveys at least once a year to analyze and review the market changes. The surveys help businesses to know if their company is in legal compliance or not, it also drives both employee growth and achievement.


How do salary surveys work?

  • Salary surveys are always conducted by large specialized companies in this field like Birches Group, our partner.
  • Tawzef provides companies & organizations with surveys to help them be updated with market changes and to maintain their success while focusing on business growth.
  • The foundation of salary surveys is jobs.
  • The specialized companies collect & conduct the surveys throughout 2 main factors which are job evaluation & job design.


The factors of evaluation:


  1. Purpose :  Measures the substantive focus of the job encompassing the scope, depth and difficulty of the work. 
  2. Engagement : Measures the focus of interaction both internally and externally needed to deliver a service, seek collaboration and build effective partnerships. 
  3. Delivery: Measures the focus on the execution of work and the role on the team for supporting business/operational functions.

Benefits of salary surveys

  • Used to measure a company’s market position.
  • Acts as a reference for Employers when developing competitive compensation packages to maximize their ability to attract, retain and motivate staff.
  • Survey data is used to price jobs in the market and understand the prevailing practices in the country.
Birches Group

About Birches Group

  • We’re providing businesses with salary surveys powered by Birches Group.
  • Birches Group is specialized in HR consultancy founded in 2005, with HQ in New York, Data Center in Manila, and two representative offices in Europe, providing salary surveys in multi-sector total compensation surveys in 160 developing markets, and separate specialized surveys for international NGOs in about 90 countries.

Report Subscription

Birches Group’s proprietary software provides clients with interactive access to their selected survey countries on a subscription basis (12 months). This easy-to-use platform allows users to analyze the market data, build customized reports, and export results in PDF, Excel, or Word formats.

  • 12 months access to PDF reports including all historical data and three cycles prospectively.
  • Includes one custom cut.

Indigo™ Interactive Data Subscription

This easy-to-use platform allows users to analyze the market data, build customized reports, and export results in PDF, Excel, or Word formats.

  • 12 months interactive access using our software, which allows customization and exporting of data to Excel. Indigo™ includes access to Trends™, our web tool to estimate market movement.
  • Includes one custom cut.

Job Profile Report

An ad-hoc report in the case of new recruitments, entering a new country for the first time or just a check of the market in a small office with few employees, where a comprehensive survey is not needed.

  • Preferred Partner Program.
  • Multi-year Contracts for International and Government Organizations.
  • Sustaining Partner Program.

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