Tawzef takes on the sourcing, headhunting, screening, and candidate interview processes from A to Z. We also organize interviews for companies and follow up with clients for job offers, new positions opened, and so on.

Local Recruitment

Tawzef is a licensed local recruitment company to conduct hiring and recruitment services.

  • Tawzef is a licensed local recruitment company, license no. 22, which means we are licensed to conduct hiring and recruitment services in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Tawzef helps Egyptian and international companies operating in Egypt hire candidates in all fields from juniors to C-suite executives by sourcing and screening top-quality resumes for our clients.
Overseas recruitment

Tawzef’s overseas recruitment takes on the responsibility of handling the visa process.

  • Tawzef is a licensed overseas recruitment company, license no. 671. This means Tawzef can deploy employees to work outside Egypt, mainly in GCC countries. 
  • Tawzef helps GCC companies hire all levels of employees, from normal labor (also known as blue collars) all the way to C-suite executives for any industry.
  • As part of Tawzef’s overseas recruitment process, our execution team takes on the responsibility of handling all aspects of the Visa process. 
  • It’s worth mentioning that Tawzef has deployed over 6,000 employees to the GCC over the course of the last five years alone.

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