Psychometric Assessments

Businesses use Psychometric Assessments to analyze potential hires’ personalities. These assessments bring a scientific approach to the evaluation process, which complements other recruitment methods.

Why psychometric assessments?

Benefits of Psychometric Assessments.

  • Increasing employee retention - Reducing costs related to turnover
  • Higher productivity for new hires
  • Identifying high-potential candidates
  • Identifying employees’ development and training needs
  • Right-sizing and identifying employees’ movements, whether vertically or horizontally.
  • An identifier for critical points to help personal coaches with what to focus on during their development process.
Central Test™

International Partner Central Test™

  • We provide psychometric analysis tools powered by our international partner Central Test™ that provides corporate recruitment decision-makers with the necessary insight to hire a specific candidate or not, regardless of his technical expertise. Additionally, these tools offer interested candidates help discover their best career opportunities and what fields they can excel in. Central Test™ provides various assessments that assist in recruitment, coaching, personal development, identifying high potential individuals, team building, skills assessment, training needs, reduction of turnover, and more depending on the seniority level and industry.
Assessments List

To find more please go through the following assessments descriptions:

  • WORK PROFILE - Reveal a candidate’s behaviour and job compatibility

    Work Profile is a personality assessment designed especially for entry-level jobs, requiring a lower level of qualifications. It is the only recruitment-based assessment to reliably measure an individual’s work personality through their workplace, social and emotional traits, as well as the values and aspirations that drive them forward.

  • VOCATION - Explore an individual’s career aspirations

    VOCATION is a career assessment based on the RIASEC model. It measures 12 interest domains and then matches the individual profile with 138 occupations, enabling the individual to pinpoint the most suitable profession that aligns with their personality.

  • Evaluate emotional intelligence in the workplace

    EMOTION 2 measures candidates’ and employees’ ability to understand their own emotions and their capacity to establish harmonious working relationships with others. The test provides a reliable score for an individual’s interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies by assessing 15 specific factors related to emotional intelligence.

  • REASONING TEST-R - Evaluate reasoning abilities

    The Reasoning Test-R allows you to assess a candidate’s logical, numerical and verbal reasoning abilities for their intelligence quotient (IQ). It helps to improve the reliability of your hiring decision by comparing candidates on the basis of an objective criteria. The Reasoning Test-R is available as a full version labelled Reasoning Test (Corporate) and a shorter version as Reasoning Test 20’

  • SALES PROFILE-R - Detect abilities and motivations in the field of sales

    Sales Profile-R identifies the potential, competencies, and motivations needed to succeed in sales. As well as being an indispensable tool for recruitment, Sales Profile-R can also be used for training, internal mobility, and sales force audits.

  • CTPI-R - Assess work personality and management skills

    CTPI-R is an assessment tool that allows you to assess personality traits, values, and skills specific to the exercise of managerial and supervisory functions. This assessment measures 19 personality traits associated with 21 key behavioural competencies.

  • PROFESSIONAL PROFILE 2 - Reveal a candidate’s work behaviour and motivations2

    Professional Profile 2 is our latest personality assessment, designed and validated with the most recent method in psychometrics, the Thurstonian IRT. It measures 14 set of dimensions in opposition (e.g. introversion vs. extraversion), thereby resulting in an analysis of 28 aspects of personality and motivations.

  • REASONING SPATIAL – Measuring spatial reasoning abilities

    REASONING – SPATIAL measures the spatial reasoning abilities of an individual and more specifically its ability to mentally rotate an object in 2D or 3D. These abilities are particularly important in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

  • BIG FIVE PROFILE - Measure a person’s dominant personality traits

    The Big Five Profile is based on the Five Factor model, identifies an individual’s dominant personality traits. It does so by measuring five dimensions of personality, all of which have a major impact on behaviour. Since these traits remain relatively stable throughout a person’s lifetime, this assessment is suitable for both adults and adolescents.

  • ETIX - Predict counterproductive work behaviour

    ETIX evaluates the likelihood of individuals engaging in counterproductive work behaviour. It covers six behaviours relevant to today’s work environment, including discrimination, harassment, and lying. By distinguishing between a person’s attitudes towards themselves and other people, ETIX reveals not only if a person might participate in counterproductive work behaviour, but also if they might enable it in others.