About L&B Solutions

L.B Solutions is an accredited law firm engaging in litigation, business incorporation, and citizenship and immigration services for foreigners. Established in 2009 under the License of the Egyptian Bar Association (“EBA”), L.B Solutions looks forward to providing double protection to its clients through: - Providing legal assistance, examining client’s contracts, agreements and transactions, and ensuring that they comply with the provisions of applicable Egyptian laws and regulations; and under management and supervision of L.B Solutions for Project Management, securing many specialized companies in all areas as project requirements, starting pre- or post-incorporation, up to project commission and management. - Achieving remarkable success and building trust and confidence among clients, L.B Solutions initiated a new phase by establishing L.B Solutions for Project Management (LLC). Under its umbrella, L.B Solutions for Project Management (LLC) included L.B Solutions Law Firm and L.B Solutions for Insurance Services, in addition to many professional companies in Egypt. These companies specialized in outsourcing, accounting, engineering, and contracting consultancy, aiming at supporting clients with project management and technical and professional services.

L&B Solutions Services

Legal Consultancy

Business Incorporation

Acquisitions and Mergers

Corporate legal affairs management

Citizenship and Immigration Services for Foreigners

Arbitration and Mediation

Litigation Process

Social security

Obtaining Licenses and Permits