Tawzef Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the salary surveys?

    Salary Survey is the process of identifying job salaries in the market to ensure you’re offering fair and competitive salaries to attract candidates. To match your company’s salaries to those in the market, you’ll need to match the job description, title, and job requirements.

  • What is the importance of salary surveys?

    Salary surveys help companies ensure that they are offering fair and competitive salaries in order to attract new candidates and also to retain current employees. Salary surveys also help with headhunting talents. Here are the main 4 benefits of salary surveys: 1- Helps You Stay Competitive 2- Helps With Employee Retention 3- Helps you maintain balance 4- Helps you keep up with expectations and trends https://tawzef.com/2022/09/14/what-are-salary-surveys-when-do-you-need-it/

  • How does tawzef provide businesses with salary surveys?

    Tawzef provides businesses with salary surveys in partnership with Birches Group. Birches Group is specialized in HR consultancy founded in 2005, with HQ in New York, Data Center in Manila, and two representative offices in Europe, providing salary surveys in multi-sector total compensation surveys in 160 developing markets, and separate specialized surveys for international NGOs in about 90 countries.

  • What are the fees of salary surveys?

    Tawzef Provides businesses with salary surveys through 3 different options, and each option has different fees. The participation options are: 1- Report Subscription (per country / per year) 2- Indigo™ Subscription (per country/per year) 3- Job Profile Report

  • How are salary surveys conducted?

    The foundation of salary survey methodology is the job. Salary surveys are conducted through 2 main factors, job evaluation and job design.

  • What are the job evaluation factors?

    There are 3 main job evaluation factors: 1- Purpose Measures the substantive focus of the job encompassing the scope, depth and difficulty of the work. 2- Engagement Measures the focus of interaction both internally and externally needed to deliver a service, seek collaboration and build effective partnerships. 3- Delivery Measures the focus on the execution of work and the role on the team for supporting business/operational functions.

  • Who are the companies that need salary surveys?

    Usually, large companies who need salary surveys whether local or global companies, and there are mainly 4 cases that make companies need salary surveys: 1- Opening New Position 2- Launching a new business 3- Ensure fair salaries 4- International companies that are planning to open a branch in a foriegn company