Tawzef Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the psychometric assessments?

    A psychometric test, also known as a pre-hiring test that helps companies and HR personnel understand the personality traits of a potential candidate by focusing on a candidate’s interests and interpersonal and non-technical skills.

  • How do psychometric tests help in the recruitment & selection process?

    Psychometric assessments are very beneficial for companies in the recruitment and selection process as it reveals the hidden talents of the candidates along with their personality. There are certain jobs that require specific personality types that will be very difficult to notice during a face to face interview. Psychometric tests also help a lot when hiring managerial positions as it gives scientific information which makes the selection process objective & unbiased.

  • What are the types of psychometric assessments?

    There are 4 main types of psychometric assessments: 1- Aptitude tests 2- Personality tests 3- Behavioral tests 4- Emotional intelligence tests https://tawzef.com/2022/09/07/types-of-psychometric-tests/

  • What are the benefits of using psychometric assessments for companies?

    There are 10 benefits of using psychometric assessments: 1- Better company fit/ avoiding bad hires 2- Reduce turnover 3- Highlight candidates’ skills and focus on strengths 4- Better managerial hiring 5- Succession planning 6- Identifying leaders 7- More science, less instinct 8- Unbiased 9- Save time across the recruitment process 10- Measuring emotional intelligence https://tawzef.com/2022/08/31/psychometric-assessments-for-recruitment-and-selection/

  • Who are the companies that need psychometric assessments?

    Large Companies will definitely need psychometric assessments in the recruitment process, as large companies sometimes tend to hire multiple positions at the same time. So, psychometric tests will help in the selection process and definitely will save time.

  • When to use psychometric assessments in the recruitment & selection process?

    Psychometric testing isn’t for everyone or for all businesses. In fact, it’s not recommended that you get junior candidates or hires to do a psychometric test. At Tawzef, we recommend using psychometric assessments once you have several candidates that you believe are a good fit for your company. At this point, you have screened the candidates’ resumes and you’re relying on your instinct following a face-to-face interview and a technical test.