Tawzef Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is overseas recruitment?

    Overseas recruitment is the hiring of candidates from foreign countries to work for your company. In Tawzef, we offer companies all over the EMEA area overseas recruitment services, as we hire all levels of egyptian employees, from blue collars all the way to C-suite executives for any industry.

  • Does Tawzef have an overseas recruitment license?

    Yes, Tawzef has an overseas recruitment license, it’s number 671. This means Tawzef can deploy employees to work outside Egypt, mainly in the EMEA area.

  • Is Tawzef responsible for handling all the aspects of the visa process?

    Yes, Tawzef takes on the full responsibility of handling all the aspects of the visa process.

  • What is the overseas recruitment process?

    In Tawzef, the overseas recruitment process is just like the local recruitment process, same steps for both. Except that in the overseas process, we also take on the responsibility to finish all the aspects of the visa process.

  • What are the levels of employees you can hire?

    Tawzef can hire all the levels of employees, starting from normal labor (also known as blue collars), to doctors & engineers to managers & executives for any business industry.

  • What are the countries you can deploy employees in?

    Tawzef can deploy employees in any country that is safe enough as a workplace for our candidates.

  • What are the benefits of working with overseas recruitment agencies?

    Usually when companies tend to overseas recruitment, they are looking for 2 main things, first expand their workforce & enhance their workplace, second cut down their salary costs. And these are the main two benefits of working with an overseas recruitment agency.