Tawzef Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the role of recruitment agencies?

    A recruitment agency is a company that serves other companies and helps them find suitable candidates to fill open positions. The recruitment agency takes on the sourcing, headhunting, screening and candidate interview process from A to Z.

  • What is the recruitment process?

    In Tawzef, the recruitment process is done as the following; 

    • Receiving the job order
    • Receiving a brief from the business development department
    • Job order goes to the recruitment department
    • The recruitment department takes the needed information through a phone call
    • Phone recab
    • 3-5 days working on finding the best candidates 
    • Sending the first batch to the client
    • Receiving feedback from the client within 48 hours 
    • Arranging interviews with our recruiters
    • Technical interviews with the client 
    • Sending job offer
    • Make sure that the employee suits the job position
    • Make sure that the client is satisfied 

    Tawzef is sending qualified matching CVs in unlimited batches, till we make sure that the client is satisfied.

    We also offer our clients a replacement after within 3 months if the candidate didn’t perform as desired.


  • Does Tawzef have a local recruitment license?

    Yes, Tawzef has a local recruitment license and it’s number 22. This proves that Tawzef is one of the very first companies in this field.

  • What are your recruitment resources?

    Our main recruitment resource is our database, tawzef has a +500K candidates’ database. And of course our talented recruiters of qualified headhunters in addition to other resources like our social media platforms.

  • How recruitment companies can help your business?

    Working with a recruitment company can actually be very useful for your business. Recruitment companies make the recruitment process shorter than the usual as it’s their job to find the perfect candidates for different job positions, thus your workflow won’t stop for a long period of time. Recruitment agencies primarily help businesses with the recruitment process by:

    •  Supporting hiring managers with available vacancies, candidates quitting, and the opening of new vacancies. 
    • Identifying calibers and hard-to-find talent. 
    • Screening resumes and conducting interviews with candidates.

  • What are the issues that face companies when recruiting new employees? And how can recruitment agencies help in solving these issues?

    The common issues that face companies when recruiting new employees are the following:

    1.  By 80% the recruitment & selection process is done relying on gut feeling. 
    2. Sometimes, candidates seem to have great skills but don’t pan out when they actually get hired. 
    3. Of course the most well-known case, when companies can’t find a candidate that fits into the job position with the required skills and experience. 

    In the end, all of these issues drive into higher turnover thus the companies lose a lot of time and money. 

    Recruitment agencies help companies in solving all of these issues, as they are searching for the best candidates for different job positions. And the hiring process is done based on scientific information.

  • What are the benefits of dealing with a recruitment agency?

    There are mainly 6 benefits of working with a recruitment agency: 

    1.  Saves time with speedy hiring 
    2.  Higher quality candidates 
    3.  Experience with multiple industries 
    4.  No need for an in-house recruiter 
    5.  Maintaining confidentiality 
    6.  Added security for higher turnover