Tawzef Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is HR outsourcing?

    Outsourcing in general is the process of having people outside your company perform certain tasks related to your company or business. Companies often outsource certain projects or tasks that they cannot fulfill internally or don’t need to hire a full-time employee to perform these tasks. (HRO) is the process of having an external company perform HR tasks and functions on behalf of your organization.

  • What does an HR outsourcing company do?

    Businesses today need a variety of HR services and HR outsourcing companies are mainly helping businesses with different HR functions that they’re unfamiliar with, to let them focus on their core business. You can outsource your payroll, your manpower or even your whole HR department. 

    Also you can outsource your manpower to be on the social insurance of the outsourcing company and relieve yourself from a lot of headaches 

    HR outsourcing companies are responsible for personnel and payroll departments by: 

    • Handling employees’ data ( Hiring Documents and employment contracts) using secure systems. 
    • Managing the Social Insurance Process. 
    • Managing the Medical insurance Process. 
    • Opening bank accounts. 
    • Preparing payroll sheets. 
    • Transferring salaries to employees.

  • What are the types of outsourcing in HR?

    There are mainly 6 types of outsourcing in HR: 

    1. Manpower outsourcing 
    2. Payroll Outsourcing 
    3. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) 
    4. HR Strategy Outsourcing 
    5. Single Source HR Outsourcing 
    6. Software-as-a-Service (saas) outsourcing

  • What are the top HR functions?

    While there are many HR functions, they mostly fall under one of these 9 functions: 

    1. Hiring & recruitment 
    2. Employee relations 
    3. Payroll & compensation planning 
    4. Ensuring that the company complies with the country’s labor law 
    5. Workplace safety 
    6. Establishing company policies and work ethics 
    7. Employee development and training 
    8. Performance management 
    9. Risk management

  • What are the main three HR outsourcing models?

    You can work with any outsourcing company through 3 different models:

    1.  Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
      Under the PEO deal, your employees become part of the PEO provider & he takes the responsibility for several employee-related activities in your company. These include payroll, compensation and benefits, taxes, and all government-related needs.  
    2.  Administrative Service Organization (ASO) 
      Under this model, you get your HR services from an external company but your employees, their records, and all their documentation remain part of your organization. Meanwhile, the ASO becomes like a trusted partner or advisor not a co-employer, and you can pick the HR services you want and exclude others. 
    3. Human Resources Organization (HRO) 
      The most commonly-employed type of outsourcing in the HR world because of the variety of services it includes. Unlike the PEO and ASO models, a Human Resources Organization provides a large number of HR services and functions for companies to choose from. Think of HRO as a menu of HR services.

  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of HR outsourcing?

    Just like any other services, outsourcing your HR comes with advantages and disadvantages. 

    • The Advantages of HR outsourcing: 
    1. Get more time to focus on your core products and services. 
    2. Cut the costs of hiring a full-time HR team. 
    3. Have experienced HR companies, provide aspects that your company might not be familiar with. 
    • The disadvantages of HR outsourcing: 
    1. Your team may not feel that HR is part of the broader team and interaction becomes less personal. 
    2. Your outsourced employees may feel that they’re not part of the big family.

  • What are the types of outsourcing offered by Tawzef?

    Tawzef offers 3 main types of outsourcing: 

    • Manpower outsourcing 
    • Payroll outsourcing 
    • Call center outsourcing in partnership with Connected-360.

  • Do you offer different outsourcing plans for every business industry?

    Yes, of course. Tawzef offers different outsourcing plans for every business industry. For example, fintech companies will need a specific outsourcing plan that differs from an outsourcing plan for an IT company or for a restaurant.

  • What makes Tawzef the top outsourcing company in Egypt?

    Tawzef started in 2007 as a recruitment company and then we expanded our HR services to become the top outsourcing company in Egypt serving more than 2,000 clients and outsourcing 3,500+ employees over the years in various business industries.