Tawzef Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an HR strategy?

    An HR strategy is a plan that not only supports the HR department within a company, but also supports the entire business, its development, and its functions.

  • Why is having an HR strategy so important for businesses?

    HR strategy helps in business growth because when having a clear human resources strategy will set how the overall HR process operates. The strategy will ensure that the HR department is able to support the organization’s needs and its ability to achieve its goals.

  • How to create an HR strategy for your business?

    There are 6 main steps when creating an HR strategy: 1- Business and HR need to be on the same page 2- Understand your industry 3- Establish an organizational performance process 4- Creating organizational design 5- Use resources strategically 6- Look at benefits and compensation

  • What does an HR consultant do?

    HR consultants help businesses in building HR strategies & HR systems. HR consultants also analyze your business, company hierarchy & job descriptions to find out the gap in your business and be able to help you solve these issues.

  • What are the benefits of HR consultancy for businesses?

    There are mainly 5 benefits of HR consultancy for businesses: 1- Having an effective organizational chart. 2- Having an effective performance management system. 3- Having clear HR policies. 4- Having your own rules and regulations for your company. 5- Business focus and growth.

  • What do HR strategies have in common?

    According to Dr. Wright report, he explains that any HR consultancy should include 3 criteria: -Get something (such as training programs, skills, abilities) -Feel something (such as motivation, commitment, loyalty, engagement) -Do something (such as be productive, serve customers, stay with the company for a long period of time,…etc.) By including these 3 criteria at the heart of your HR strategy, you’ll be able to serve the employees working for you, the employees joining your company, and the company’s management.

  • What are the benefits of HR strategy?

    Having an HR strategy has 5 benefits: 1- Understanding and forecasting talent needs 2- Saving time and costs for paperwork 3- Making employees happy and productive 4- Employee retention 5- Improve and grow

  • What are the services I will get from the HR consultancy?

    In Tawzef, we offer 4 main services in HR Consultancy: 1- Gap Analysis 2- Building Business Strategy 3- Human Resources Management System 4- Assessment Centers

  • What is the size of the business that will need HR Strategy?

    Actually, there is no specific business size that would need HR consultancy, when you feel that you have you need it. But we can say that small businesses that are planning to expand their business will definitely need HR consulting services. As well as large businesses that have issues in the HR department, or in HRsystem or in the company hierarchy, then you need HR Consultancy.