Tawzef Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does tawzef help candidates?

    Although Tawzef is a B2B business and our main client is companies, Tawzef has always been caring about candidates and about helping them. We always announce our new vacancies, and our recruitment team is always working to match the right candidates with the perfect jobs depending on their qualifications & their personalities.

  • How can candidates be always updated with our latest vacancies?

    Candidates can always follow our social media, we announce all the job vacancies there. Also they can follow our “careers page” on the website, we announce vacancies there too, and candidates can also apply for jobs there. https://tawzef.com/careers/

  • How can candidates apply for jobs in Tawzef?

    Candidates can apply for jobs through 2 primary ways, either on our careers web page, or on the email or phone number that’s attached to the job post on our social media channels.

  • Do candidates pay any fees for tawzef if they get hired?

    In local recruitment candidates don’t pay any fees of course. But, in overseas recruitment companies pay the percentage of work in the labor law.

  • What are the procedures required for overseas recruitment candidates?

    Actually, there are no specific procedures for overseas candidates, it varies depending on the company (clients).