Tawzef Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Tawzef have an overseas recruitment license?

    Yes, Tawzef has an overseas recruitment license, it’s number 671. This means Tawzef can deploy employees to work outside Egypt, mainly in the EMEA area.

  • Is Tawzef responsible for handling all the aspects of the visa process?

    Yes, Tawzef takes on the full responsibility of handling all the aspects of the visa process.

  • What are your recruitment resources?

    Our main recruitment resource is our database, tawzef has a +500K candidates’ database. And of course our talented recruiters of qualified headhunters in addition to other resources like our social media platforms.

  • What is the overseas recruitment process?

    In Tawzef, the overseas recruitment process is just like the local recruitment process, same steps for both. Except that in the overseas process, we also take on the responsibility to finish all the aspects of the visa process.

  • What are the levels of employees you can hire?

    Tawzef can hire all the levels of employees, starting from normal labor (also known as blue collars), to doctors & engineers to managers & executives for any business industry.

  • What are the benefits of outsourcing your payroll?

    Payroll Outsourcing has mainly 5 benefits:

    1.   Saves Time 
    2.  Saves Money 
    3.  Results in fewer payroll mistakes 
    4.  offers labor compliance 
    5.  Facilitates opening bank accounts

  • What are the top HR functions?

    While there are many HR functions, they mostly fall under one of these 9 functions: 

    1. Hiring & recruitment 
    2. Employee relations 
    3. Payroll & compensation planning 
    4. Ensuring that the company complies with the country’s labor law 
    5. Workplace safety 
    6. Establishing company policies and work ethics 
    7. Employee development and training 
    8. Performance management 
    9. Risk management

  • What are the types of outsourcing offered by Tawzef?

    Tawzef offers 3 main types of outsourcing: 

    • Manpower outsourcing 
    • Payroll outsourcing 
    • Call center outsourcing in partnership with Connected-360.

  • What do outsourced payroll providers offer?

    When considering handing over your payroll needs to a third-party, you wonder about the exact services you will get. The package we offer at Tawzef includes: 

    • Payroll services for employees. 
    • Opening bank accounts. 
    • Completing paperwork with new employees. 
    • Running background checks for new and potential employees. 
    • Conducting tax reports. 
    • Managing social insurance paperwork.

  • How to choose a payroll provider that meets your needs?

    When considering payroll outsourcing, here are a few tips to help you find a payroll service provider that meets your needs.

    1.   Determine your needs 
    2.  Look for payroll service providers with experience in your niche. 
    3.  Review their testimonials 
    4.  Consider manpower outsourcing agencies.

  • What are the benefits of manpower outsourcing?

    Manpower outsourcing has mainly 5 benefits: 

    1.  Bigger Network Of Talents 
    2.  Supports Your HR Team 
    3. Trims Labor Costs 
    4.  Reduces Employee Turnover 
    5.  Better Opportunity To Grow 

  • What are the salary surveys?

    Salary Survey is the process of identifying job salaries in the market to ensure you’re offering fair and competitive salaries to attract candidates. To match your company’s salaries to those in the market, you’ll need to match the job description, title, and job requirements.

  • Do you offer contact center outsourcing solutions?

    Tawzef provides businesses with contact center outsourcing solutions in partnership with Connected-360.

  • Why should you work with a manpower outsourcing company?

    Besides all the 5 main benefits that we have mentioned earlier, here are 6 more reasons to put into consideration when thinking about manpower outsourcing companies:

    • Reduce your workload. 
    • You don’t have to worry about hiring employees whose job requirements and qualifications may not fit the job. 
    • You can contract the company on a per project basis.
    • Reduce your headache about employee-related tasks. 
    • Easier to open bank accounts. 
    • All legal and employment-related paperwork becomes the responsibility of the manpower consulting agency.

  • What is an HR strategy?

    An HR strategy is a plan that not only supports the HR department within a company, but also supports the entire business, its development, and its functions.

  • What do HR strategies have in common?

    According to Dr. Wright report, he explains that any HR consultancy should include 3 criteria: -Get something (such as training programs, skills, abilities) -Feel something (such as motivation, commitment, loyalty, engagement) -Do something (such as be productive, serve customers, stay with the company for a long period of time,…etc.) By including these 3 criteria at the heart of your HR strategy, you’ll be able to serve the employees working for you, the employees joining your company, and the company’s management.

  • What are the services I will get from the HR consultancy?

    In Tawzef, we offer 4 main services in HR Consultancy: 1- Gap Analysis 2- Building Business Strategy 3- Human Resources Management System 4- Assessment Centers

  • What is the size of the business that will need HR Strategy?

    Actually, there is no specific business size that would need HR consultancy, when you feel that you have you need it. But we can say that small businesses that are planning to expand their business will definitely need HR consulting services. As well as large businesses that have issues in the HR department, or in HRsystem or in the company hierarchy, then you need HR Consultancy.

  • What is overseas recruitment?

    Overseas recruitment is the hiring of candidates from foreign countries to work for your company. In Tawzef, we offer companies all over the EMEA area overseas recruitment services, as we hire all levels of egyptian employees, from blue collars all the way to C-suite executives for any industry.

  • What is HR outsourcing?

    Outsourcing in general is the process of having people outside your company perform certain tasks related to your company or business. Companies often outsource certain projects or tasks that they cannot fulfill internally or don’t need to hire a full-time employee to perform these tasks. (HRO) is the process of having an external company perform HR tasks and functions on behalf of your organization.

  • For whom the fully equipped seat rental service?

    Tawzef provides fully equipped seats rental in partnership with Connected 360 for companies who already have their call center agents but don’t have a suitable place for them or even don’t have the system that they’re gonna work through. And actually, building the system is very costly, especially for small & medium sized businesses. That’s why we’re providing businesses with this service.

  • How does tawzef provide businesses with salary surveys?

    Tawzef provides businesses with salary surveys in partnership with Birches Group. Birches Group is specialized in HR consultancy founded in 2005, with HQ in New York, Data Center in Manila, and two representative offices in Europe, providing salary surveys in multi-sector total compensation surveys in 160 developing markets, and separate specialized surveys for international NGOs in about 90 countries.

  • What are the benefits of dealing with a recruitment agency?

    There are mainly 6 benefits of working with a recruitment agency: 

    1.  Saves time with speedy hiring 
    2.  Higher quality candidates 
    3.  Experience with multiple industries 
    4.  No need for an in-house recruiter 
    5.  Maintaining confidentiality 
    6.  Added security for higher turnover 


  • What’s the difference between manpower outsourcing & payroll outsourcing?

    The main difference between the two types of outsourcing in HRis that manpower outsourcing covers both. Think of manpower outsourcing as the broader term and function that encompasses payroll outsourcing within it. Payroll outsourcing means you only outsource your payroll. Meanwhile, manpower outsourcing is hosting your employees on a third party’s social insurance including hiring and staffing for full-timers, part-timers, project managers, and freelancers,as well as all payroll requirements.

  • What are the countries you can deploy employees in?

    Tawzef can deploy employees in any country that is safe enough as a workplace for our candidates.