7 Reasons to Work with an Overseas Recruitment Company

7 reasons to work with an overseas recruitment company

There are many reasons why companies will turn to overseas recruitment.

Companies hire personnel to fill jobs and perform specific tasks that help the company grow.

Sometimes companies need to get talents from other countries to fill vacancies. Usually for business growth and expansion purposes. To do so, companies work with overseas recruitment companies like Tawzef.

But what are the benefits of working with overseas recruitment companies? Why should you work with an outsourcing agency as opposed to tiring to hire people in different countries yourself?

Keep reading to find out.


What is overseas recruitment?

Overseas recruitment involves hiring team members from a different country other than the one you reside in and bringing those people to your home country.

For example, if you’re based in the United States and you want to hire a marketing director from Germany, then you need overseas recruitment services.

Overseas hiring is quite common in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions.

Companies often look for employees in countries like Egypt where there is an abundance of talents seeking better opportunities and where labor is cheap.

Companies in the GCC frequently use overseas recruitment services for mass hiring purposes.


What does an overseas recruitment company do?

An overseas hiring company is mainly responsible for finding the talents you seek and preparing the paperwork needed for these people to travel.

The hiring process may vary from one recruitment company to another based on the country you’re hiring from and the position you want to fill.

Some overseas recruitment companies specialize in hiring blue-collars, while others specialize in recruiting white-collars.

There are some recruitment agencies that help companies recruit blue-collars, white-collars, gray-collars, and others.


Why work with an Overseas recruitment company in Egypt

Working with an overseas hiring agency in Egypt like Tawzef increases the benefits you get as a company.


1)  Lower cost 

For starters, hiring people from Egypt is inexpensive for many companies and countries around the world. That’s because labor costs are lower.

In addition, the cost of hiring a recruitment company in Egypt is inexpensive compared to hiring a company in Europe or the United States.


2)  Access to large talent pool

Working with an outsourcing agency or overseas recruitment agency means you get access to large talent pool.

On the other hand, if you choose to try hiring on your own, you will be bombarded with hundreds and thousands of resumes of overqualified, underqualifed, and unqualified job seekers.


3)  HR consultancy services

Not all overseas recruitment agencies offer this benefit. But Tawzef does.

Tawzef offers additional perks like HR consultancy services. These involve broad HR services that small and medium-sized companies will rarely have the capacity for.

Some services you can get when working with an HR consultancy include:

Among other HR services.

Companies working with HR consultancies can drive their business forward faster.


4)  Payroll services

Another major benefit of working with HR agencies and overseas recruitment companies is having them manage your payroll.

Payroll is one of the most in-demand services for HR companies. That’s because small and medium-sized businesses rarely have the financial capacity to hire a full-time payroll specialist.

Instead, they turn to recruitment agencies, local or overseas, and have them manage their employees’ payroll on their behalf.

Some companies like Tawzef offer payroll along with manpower recruitment services.

Manpower outsourcing services involve having the HR company pay employees each month and manage their benefits and taxes on your behalf.


5)  Efficient hiring

Working with Tawzef means you get the decades of experience in recruitment across various fields.

Having been in operation for over 15 years, Tawzef helps companies by managing the entire recruitment process. We also have the ability to fulfill various hiring needs including short-term mass hiring.


6)  Various areas of expertise 

As an agency with years of experience, Tawzef helps companies around the MENA region and from around the world hire talents in various disciplines.

From marketing to sales to construction to education to oil and gas, to other fields, Tawzef has operated in all of them.

Tawzef’s team also helps companies hire juniors to senior managers, directors, and VPs.


7)  Mass recruitment

One of the important benefits of working with overseas recruitment agencies is getting mass recruitment services.

Mass hiring is when companies need to fill not one or two vacancies but need to hire 10, 20, or even 50 employees all at once.

For example, a hospital that’s opening a new branch in Saudi Arabia may want to hire 50 doctors and 50 nurses. This could be local mass hiring or overseas mass recruitment.



As you can see, working with an overseas recruitment agency offers many benefits to companies around the world.

If you need help hiring employees from Egypt or other countries in the MENA region, reach out to Tawzef. Our team is ready to help and fulfill your needs regardless of which industry you’re in.



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