Psychometric Tests for Students: Here’s What You Need to Know and What to Expect

psychometric tests for students

Hiring managers today are looking for more than just technical skills. Soft skills and interpersonal skills are important in today’s job market. But how do you test for soft and other personal skills? The answer is using psychometric tests.

If you’re fresh out of college, there are a few skills you need to enter the job market.

Technical skills are still important but with the changing landscape of the job market in Egypt and the broader Middle East, technical skills are but one skill set you need to have.


So what are psychometric tests? And how do psychometric tests help students and fresh graduates enter the job market or even choose the right college path in the first place? In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about psychometric testing and what it means for you and your future career.


What is a psychometric test?

what is a psychometric test

what is a psychometric test


A psychometric test is a pre-hiring test that focuses on a candidate’s interests and interpersonal and non-technical skills.

Let’s look at this definition from the Institute of Psychometric Coaching:

“Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioral style. Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities).”

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching goes on to explain that psychometric tests can help candidates “identify the extent” to which their personality and cognitive or mental abilities match the requirements of a certain role or profession.

It’s worth noting that psychometric tests are often referred to as:

Intelligence tests

Aptitude tests 

Behavioral tests

In addition, there are several types of psychometric tests.

How do psychometric tests work?


Have you ever heard of someone not being a ‘cultural fit’ for a company? We’re hearing more of that phrase now. But what does it mean?

Being a cultural or even a suitable fit for a company isn’t dependent on your technical skills alone. If a company operates by having team members collaborate on everything, the potential candidate may struggle if they join that company.

You see, when applying for a job, having the technical skills or technical know-how is very important. But because the job market is growing at a fast pace and is ever-changing, technical skills aren’t enough.

That said, having the suitable interpersonal and soft skills may not be enough to land you the job but they can get you in the door for an entry level job.

“Employers use the information collected from the psychometric test to identify the hidden aspects of candidates that are difficult to extract from a face-to-face interview,” explains the Institute of Psychometric Coaching.


Who are psychometric tests for?

While psychometric assessments are common in the job market and hiring candidates, they can be useful to people in various walks of life.

Here are several cases where a personality and cognitive test can be useful:

  • Students applying for college:

The aptitude test shows students graduating from school which areas of study may be more suited to their character, which allows them to succeed and thrive.

  • Students and fresh graduates looking for internships and jobs:

In this stage, the psychometric test indicates what types of jobs are more suitable to a potential candidate’s personality. 

Not everyone wants a quiet desk job. At the same time, many people feel more comfortable working in a calm environment and don’t thrive in customer-facing jobs. 

While there are skills that students and fresh graduates will acquire when they start working, a behavior test can help guide them at the start of their career.

  • Mid-career employees:

There is a certain lure to rising in the career ladder and becoming a manager. However, managerial roles aren’t for everyone. Some people can be experts in their field but lack the people and leadership skills that would make them good managers.
Psychometric tests can help them see the weaknesses in their character. The next step would be for the mid-career or senior-level employee to decide if they’d like to improve their non-technical skills and move up or not.

  • Managers:

Managerial roles come with a ton of requirements. Psychometric and personality tests can help managers learn more about themselves and their abilities so they can grow and take on bigger managerial roles such as becoming directors or even starting their own business.

Benefits of psychometric tests for students

benefits of psychometric tests for students

benefits of psychometric tests for students


We’ve covered what psychometric tests are and how they work. But you’re probably still wondering:

‘This sounds good. But if I take one of those pre-hiring psychometric assessments, what do I get in return? How do these tests help me in getting hired?’

And these are excellent questions. Let’s see how psychometric tests help you as a student in today’s job market.

1)    Better understanding of your personality

One of the top reasons you should consider taking a psychometric assessment is that it gives you a clearer understanding of your personality traits. In turn, this impacts the type of jobs you can apply for and where you’ll feel more comfortable and able to grow.

Many students who finish college are eager to join the workforce but aren’t clear on which job is best suited for them.

Taking a psychometric test helps you understand yourself and what motivates you and what puts you down. Knowing this information at the start of your career can help you make better career choices.

Do you want a job that involves moving around a lot, talking to people, and getting creative? Or do you prefer a desk job with limited team work? Psychometric assessments answer these questions for you.


2)    Highlights your strengths and weaknesses 

When you’re just getting started with your first full-time job, you may not be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Psychometric assessments help you uncover this information.

While these pre-hiring tests don’t measure the strength of your technical skills, which may be required for a certain job, they’ll tell you if a certain job type fits your character. Finding the right type of job for you helps you see how you can grow and improve your skills.


3)    Identifies the best careers for you

This is one of the most important benefits of psychometric testing. It helps set you on the right career path for you.

Sure, you may decide to switch careers later on but since psychometric assessments provide you with a better understanding of yourself and your skills, they also help you understand which career tracks and types are better suited to your skills.

If you’re the type who likes getting around, experimenting, and taking risks, then getting stuck behind a desk answering the phone is not the job for you. Knowing this information will help you in your job search, allowing you to avoid boring desk jobs.


4)    Pave the way for next steps

This is a continuation of the above mentioned points. By knowing your strengths and certain personality traits, you can decide on what your next steps would be.

Should you take a new course? Learn a new language? Study for a certificate? Take that part-time job that may set you on a new path entirely?

Psychometric testing can help you enhance your focus on your current job and determine how you want to move forward.


5)    An indicator for future performance

psychometric tests are indicators for future performance

psychometric tests are indicators for future performance

Another benefit of taking a psychometric test is it helps employers see your future progression in your role and their organization.

Companies don’t want to have a high turnover of employees. Psychometric assessments help them reduce turnover by seeing if a candidate will progress and maintain their performance.

Get your psychometric test with Tawzef

By now you should be wondering ‘How can I take a psychometric test?’

One of the great things about these types of hiring assessments is that you can take the psychometric test online from the comfort of your home.

That said, we recommend allocating a certain time to take the test without interruptions.

And the better news is Tawzef can help you take a psychometric test to aid your job search and career choices.

Tawzef’s psychometric tests are in collaboration with French company Central Test, which specializes in creating psychometric assessments.

You can also read about the different types of psychometric tests.

Here is some more information about taking your psychometric test:

  • All psychometric tests are online tests.
  • Duration ranges depending on the test but it usually ranges from 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Psychometric tests look at non-tangible skills like intelligence, interests, behavior, and your personality.
  • You will receive the test results via email and in PDF format.
  • You can present the results of your psychometric assessment alongside your CV to any potential employer.

Wrapping it up

HR personnel and hiring managers today want to retain employees, be they students, fresh grads, juniors, seniors, or managers. Companies that struggle with high turnover often fail to recognize the behavioral and cognitive skills of the candidate before them.

As a student or fresh grad, you are proactive and take the first step by taking a psychometric test. While you can prepare for the test, it’s best if you take it without preparation so you can understand the hidden aspects of your personality.

If you’d like to take your psychometric assessment with Tawzef, then send us an email at [email protected] with the subject ‘Psychometric Assessment’ and our team will get back to you with the next steps.


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