what is the recruitment process?

Recruitment process

Recruitment is a process that require two things  (employment and selection) and it’s work when any department has shortage in employees or want to develop or expand so that require  numbers of vacancy  and requirements of the candidates , it’s very important process because if we hire the wrong candidate it will cost the company time and money so we have to be careful during the recruitment process because the quality important than quantity so let’s talk about recruitment process  and what its consist  of :

  • Understand what the client looking for :

understanding customer needs is the center of every successful business ,you have to know which criteria the client looking for and what’s the job description and requirements for any position he want to hire to stop wasting time and get the best quality of candidates .

  • Draft the job application :

After you identify the customer needs  you will have to put a plan to know from where and how you will get our candidate and may be you will need to make salary survey to know the salary range of this position .


  • Searching :

There are many different sources to find what you want like (social media, ads in news papers, referrals  and  websites that specialize in hiring and according the position you want ,if you looking for white collar you will search on social media and internet and if you looking for blue collar you will have to work on referrals and ads in newspaper etc.

  • screening over the phone :

After searching you will get numbers of cv’s and there’s matched and other is not or overqualified so you will have to screen over the phone to make sure that there’s nothing fake about their profile or cv and to keep this candidate stand by for another call to make an appointment of the interview if he match the requirements .

  • make short list

you will need to make short listed to the accepted candidates after the screening  and get another batch in case one of the candidates cancel or he isn’t interested or get better offer .

  • interviewing face to face

after you have called the candidates in the short listed try to don’t go beyond two weeks when you make an appointment of the interview to reduce the no show , and the interview will be separated for 2 parts the first we called psychometric personality and the second called technical cause as i said before we are care of quality more than quantity .

Article Author :Mohamed Samir

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