The No Show problem and why does it happen?

Reduce the candidate no show

As we are recruitment agency we are facing problems with client during the recruitment process till the day of interview and one of the important problems is (no show )  and it cause  bad effects on practical ways like the image of your company , your company can’t be trusted in the professional way .

In addition to that, here are 10 practical tips to help reduce candidate cancellations and no shows:

  1. Reduce the interview date after screening

Work with hiring managers to schedule interviews ASAP. Try not to go beyond two weeks. Don’t let someone else be faster than you to offer the candidate another opportunity .

  1. Try to not reschedule the interview date

It gives negative impact to the candidate and bad impression to the reputation of the company as they will think the company hesitating especially with the managerial levels . They will interview where they are clearly wanted.

  1. Set expectations with candidates for their next step

Find out if they have interviews anywhere else by making friendly conversation and also to know their interest  when do they considering and accepting offers. Ask them to notify you if they need to cancel or withdraw from consideration and provide contact information to do so and handle this issue and get replacement ASAP .

  1. Cooperate with candidates to reach their approval for their upcoming interviewing schedules

The best candidates receive many interview offers and often have tight schedules to work around. And as we usually take care of quality more than quantity we need to ask them How can you make the process easier? Can you proceed interview over Skype? Phone?Offer after-hours or weekends? And Offer flexible, pre-determined interview options to get on their calendar right away, if he replay with NO after all these options it’s a sign that he is not interested   .

  1. Keep communicating with candidates

Try to win candidates and make a friendship  with them cause they are our power as we are recruitment agency so you need to Schedule an email or text message so that candidates hear from your company with interesting information every few days before the interview. Also, provide candidates with answers to questions, what to expect at the interview, etc.


  1. Confirm interviews more than once

Email and phone candidates to confirm their intention to attend the interview. But don’t just confirm. Welcome them as you would do to a guest. Let them know how much you appreciate their time and interest believe me this way makes a lot of difference .

  1. Text candidates

especially communicate by text message. This is an effective way to confirm and also to solicit feedback if they do not show.

  1. prepare back up batch

If you normally present three candidates and find that you are experiencing a high rate of cancellations or no-shows, consider presenting five candidates to make up for it.

  1. Find out why candidates are dropping out

 It may be hard to do, but if you can survey those who cancelled or failed to show, you’ll gain valuable insight into what factors are playing into this phenomenon. Was a recruiter rude? Did the timing just not good? Were they treated better somewhere else? Did they feel unprepared? Ask questions and report on it on a regular basis.

And finally hope you find this article useful and remember The success or failure as a company depends on our ability to select the candidate in order to build a reputation for providing a great hiring experience and reduce the number of cancellations and no shows.


Article Author :Mohamed Samir .


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