The art of recruitment (part 2)

How to Recruit Candidate?

We always looking to get candidates hired so we start by searching for Cv’s then we go into initial call to make sure that if this candidate interested and matched or not, but we faced some problem such as (not interesting, aggressive, Etc…..) so we should control with candidates and don’t give him the chance to get the control and start Ask you many question but finally his is not interested J so we should identify the candidate “Go out And start recruiting”

Recruiting Principles:

  • Verifying the correct name for the candidate Is this Mr. x? And his Position?
  • Initially speak slowly speaking rapidly is irritating and time wasting. the candidate mind was in meeting, deadlines, and other works, to grab his attention you need to speak slowly in order for him to be able to shift his thoughts to your words
  • Professional Manner manner should be professional all time, as some candidates tend to be friendly this should not stop you from maintaining your professional manner   
  • Reassure no fees make sure to inform the candidate that he will not pay anything for your services
  • Always use first name it has been proven that using full name always channels a sense of authority as you need to make the candidate feel like a peer, this get us on good relationship level
  • Always obtain candidate’s concerns always as the candidates about his concerns, things he/she does not like a current firm. This will help you to present the opportunity to the candidates for example you can ask him ” after several years of experience it has come to my knowledge that as there are no perfect people, or either companies. Tell me what do you think you would like to see improved in your company? What is your concern ……..etc .
  • I’m ‘happy where I’m you must know how to respond answer like this words, you need to keep in mind that most time it is not true 100% so you should give him the best answer, ex. I’m  understand you very well, but on the other hand you are adult enough not to take a critical decision  that may effect on your future in 1 min, so you should list first for the opportunity then you think well to take this decision.
  • Voice tone you tone should be not much high and not much low, should be perfect Tone that he can understand the words
  • Don’t five negative words don’t use negativity like, are you interested or not? Welling to relocate or not? Remove not for your words or any negativity that can reflect on the candidate with negative and he will end the call
  • End of call you should end your call with the candidate by saying positive words  like I see that you are fit for this position as you had a good experience and qualification and I hope also this fit with our client, so I will keep you updated after this step and please if you had any question you can call me anytime

Article Author : Joseph Asaad .



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